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I'm delighted to welcome you to our Online Breathwork Coach Certification Introduction Workshop.

There are 9 sections in the Workshop as follows...

1- Introduction – Who is Nicholas de Castella
2 - The Program What We Are Going To Cover
3 - Core Clearing & Heart Centred Principles
4 - The Core Clearing Structure
5 - A Core Clearing Breathwork Preparation
6 - Experience  A Core Clearing Breathwork Session
7 - Feedback - Core Clearing Breathwork Session
8 - The 9 Steps to Become A Transformational Leader
9 - The Core Clearing Breathwork Training

You're going to love this if you have a longing to create a life you love, doing something meaningful, making a real difference.

The world needs more heart centred leaders to help humanity awaken to the next level of peace, love, connection and aliveness.

Kind Regards, 


Core Clearing Breathwork Workshop

1. Hello and Welcome...

2 - The Program - What we going to cover

3 - Core Clearing Breathwork (Heart Centred Living) Principles

4 - The Core Clearing Structure


6 - Experience  A Core Clearing Breathwork Session

7 - Feedback after Core Clearing Breathwork Session

8 - The 9 Steps to Become A Transformational Leader

About Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching Certification Training

9 - The Core Clearing Breathwork Training


Would you like to help other clear the blocks that are stopping them living their souls’ purpose?

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Core Clearing Breathwork Coaches are Raving…

"As a Naturopath, the Core Clearing Breathwork is a valuable addition to offer my clients.

This is a gentle, effective way for clients to use their breath to access their mind body wisdom and heart intelligence to create shifts in a way that can safely be offered online or via phone. Nicholas is a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful for to benefit from his years of experience."
Annabel Mason, Naturopath and Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

"This method of clearing emotional blockages is nothing short of AMAZING!

I am feeling very excited to learn and evolve my Personal Training/Massage Therapy business and self to a higher level, where I can help more people with an even more diverse range of problems. My toolbox has expanded and I love it, as I can tackle issues a few different ways! Diversity, Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom!

I have loved being involved in all the training as I love learning about breathing, meditation, energy, helping people and moving forward in life. So if this is you or you resonate with any of this then you are going to love this course!

I feel very blessed to have Nicholas & Susan de Castella as my teachers, coaches, trainers! I hit the JACKPOT! Very grateful!! A must do course! Happy to speak further if you have questions - 0413 179 737   

Marlon Walker, Sport Optimum, Body Work and Personal Trainer

“The Core Clearing Breathwork Certification immediately added a whole new income stream to my business. I upsold my existing clients and new clients began contacting me specifically for Core Clearing Breathwork Sessions. By providing a service where I can help my clients breakthrough their emotional barriers, my clients tell me that they feel clearer, more energetic and motivated to the best version of themselves. In addition, the Core Clearing Breathwork Certification has provided me with a highly valued skillset not often seen within the Fitness Industry.”

Melinda Macauley, Personal Trainer, Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

"As a Beauty Therapist for many years, I experienced having clients mainly looking to come for a relaxing time. Most of these clients I found were suffering some form of stress, anxiety or even depression. I began to think that I needed to have a further service to help my clientele with their well being. I’ve always been interested in healing & therefore looked into breathwork. I thank the universe for sending me to Nicholas & Susan de Castella. Being introduced & signing up to do the Core Clearing breath work course was the best decision I made for myself personally & for my clientele. I can’t wait to implement my learning on my clients and look forward to where this will take me in my business. ??"

Gordana Marriotte, Beauty Therapist, Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

Already being a Breathwork practitioner, I wanted to expand my practice and offer another avenue towards emotional breakthrough. Having touched upon Core Clearing during my Breathwork training, I wanted to fully develop my skill in the process.

The Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Training was so thorough for me. I easily understood all the material as Nicholas presents it so logically and seamlessly. The course was done over ZOOM. I had my reservations that it would translate as effective as it does in person, but Nicholas and all the participants were integral to the process and created a beautifully connected group which deepened the understanding. I feel supremely confident going forward and offering this opportunity for my clients to experience their own emotional breakthroughs. Thank you Nicholas….    

Louise Holthouse, Breathwork Practitioner

After doing the Core Clearing Breathwork Coach training and seeing the great results people were getting I decided to move forward to the certificate training as I saw that I could help people get breakthroughs and pay my bills. I thought how cool is that!

Since then I find myself in a position to help people move forward in their lives particularly with the impact Covid has had on them.

What is even more amazing is that the training not only has changed my life thru the shared practice sessions but with the 'business in a box' that Nicholas has put together I am starting to get up and running. Being on a pension is hard financially but now I can help people and also help myself doing something I love and seeing great results in those I have had the privilege to take thru the core clearing process and seeing their growth and freedom is awesome!

Don't hold back! The certificate training is great. I learnt so much and now I have the tools to help others move forward, find their blockages, and find their own healing! I can't thank Nicholas enough!

Terese Wilby, Entrepreneur and Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

When I undertook the Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Training, I was looking for something that I could use to add valuer to my PT business. What I got was not only tools to help me assist others to find breakthrough in their lives but also a passion which allowed me to find my own breakthroughs and live a healthier, emotionally aware life. The best part of the course is the change I found that happened within myself, a change that I can help bring to others as well.    

Trent Fennell, Personal Trainer and Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

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