Nicholas and Susan de Castella

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Thrive Dynamic Breathwork Coach.

I believe humanity is on the threshold of the exciting next phase of evolution from head to heart intelligence, from separation to connection.

We need Breathwork Coaches to help transition to this next phase. Breathwork Coaches help others connect to the peace, love, happiness and wisdom within, to live with more kindness, compassion, generosity, courage and gratitude so we can heal, create loving relationships, be at our best and thrive in life. If you are seeking to live  your passion, inspire others, make a difference in the world,  and make a great living while doing it. We want to assure you it’s absolutely possible! 

Here is a quick test to see if you have the qualities of a great Breathworker:

  • Are you a caring person who likes to help people to be at their best? 
  • Do you feel fulfilled when connecting heart to heart with others? 
  • Would you like a meaningful way to generate a great income? 
  • Are you passionate about your personal and spiritual growth? 
  • Would you like to live from your heart and inspire the greatness in others?

If this sounds like you then this could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

This in-depth residential Professional Breathwork Training is also a life-changing, deep-dive, liberating journey of healing, heart-opening and personal empowerment. Qualify to facilitate emotional trauma healing and lead groups with Thrive Dynamic Breathwork.

Are you ready to fearlessly claim your place here on Earth as a transformational agent of change to help awaken a new heart-centred connected humanity?

Read through this page and then if you feel a calling in your heart to help others to be at their best, we can set up a time for a chat.

You can email me directly at: or give me a call on 03 9739 8889.

This could be your chance to thrive!

 Kind Regards,

Nicholas (and Susan) de Castella

Thrive Breathwork Coach Trainers

What is Thrive Breathwork?

Thrive Breathwork is a major tool we use to facilitate profound shifts quickly and easily.
It is a gentle, heart opening breathing technique.

For thousands of years, human beings have practiced refined techniques of mental focus and breathing specifically designed to influence the mental, emotional and physical state. These practices are considered a major means for enhanced awareness and self-mastery. In the largest sense, Thrive Breathwork is a heart centred approach, which allows you to master your thought patterns, heal and resolve trauma, live in balance with the inevitable ups and downs of being human, and to feel deeply connected to the whole of life.

By practicing conscious, connected breathing in an intentional way you begin to release old traumas, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions. This enables you to not only let go of what you have been holding on to, but also transform and integrate the habitual and behavioural manifestations of these suppressions (such as stress, anxiety, depression) Breathwork also helps you to open your heart, come alive and thrive.

If practiced consistently, the results are powerful and far-reaching. As you learn to accept an open, healthy breath into your body you’ll find you are able to live your life more fully, enter into a state of peace and inner balance as well as feel a closer connection to your purpose and inner power, deepen relationships and live life more fully. Some of the many practical benefits of Thrive Breathwork with the heart centred approach include:

  • Marked and lasting reduction of stress
  • Increased ability to focus and concentrate, as well as clarity of thinking
  • Increase memory and attention
  • Improve empathy so you can enhance your interpersonal relationships 
  • Increase resilience during difficult times
  • Freedom from detrimental patterns of thought and emotion 
  • Greatly enhanced well-being and peacefulness 
  • Deeper, more passionate and loving relationships 
  • Increased appreciation and gratitude for the beauty and wonder of life

Thrive Breathwork often leads to a deep connection with the very core of our being. This leads to understandings of ourselves, our purpose in life and our place in the universe at a profound level. 

An Exciting Opportunity to Find Freedom and Fulfilment with  Thrive Dynamic Breathwork 

Thrive Breathwork Coach training is a personal life transforming 10 month journey where you get to build open hearted living into your life:

  • Feel whole and alive in yourself 
  • Claim your voice, live your truth 
  • Create passionate loving relationship
  • Find your passion and live it
  • Create a life of ease and grace 
  • Grow spiritually

Become a more 

kind, generous and

happy person and

create a life you love!

PLUS - You get to create a career and a life!

  1. You get to grow as a person 
  2. Earn an excellent income: $1000 per week for 10 hours work 
  3. Work your own hours 
  4. Do something you love that makes a real difference 
  5. Bring more love into the world

Thrive Breathwork Practitioners in our society…

Personally, I currently work in conjunction with a number of Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists (some of whom have completed the Thrive Breathwork Training).

Our goal at The Thrive Breathwork Coach Academy is to make this wonderful healing modality a recognised modality such as: Chiropractic’s, Osteopathy and Kinesiology.

In accordance with increasing standards of professionalism we have brought the training in line with the professional standard set by the Australian Breathwork Association and Government accreditation standards.

For about four years Nicholas was part of a select committee of Breathwork Trainers that achieved government accreditation for Certificate III, IV and Diploma levels in Breathwork. (The RTO is currently not available able to host but all study is align with accredited criteria)

Professional skills for allied health professionals

Thrive Breathwork complements and enhances many other modalities:

Medicine                                                          Chiropractic                                               Osteopathic           

Psychiatry                                                       Homoeopathy                                           Reiki

Life coaching                                                  Acupuncture                                              Pranic Healing

Massage                                                         NLP                                                             Transference

Kinesiology                                                     Reichian                                                     Healing

Herbal                                                             Bodywork                                                   Yoga

Naturopathy                                                   Psychotherapy

Thrive Breathwork Practitioner Training 
A Profound Life Transforming Journey

1) Your Personal Development

A major focus of the Thrive Breathwork training will be the growth of each trainee. Healers cannot guide clients any further into their feelings than they have journeyed themselves in theirs. Further more it is the quality of a healers' presence or energy more than any knowledge that they may have that determines their healing potential.

Because of this, training is conducted with a strong and loving group of people who are committed to both their own growth and to supporting growth in others. The training offers a ten-month HEART CENTRED LIVING transformational journey providing the opportunity for participants to enrich the quality of their lives, experience major shifts forward in their personal level of awareness, effectiveness and love.

2) Your Professional Development

This training offers you an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications to establish a rich and rewarding career in Emotional Healing and Empowerment - an area of healing that has created much interest and is rapidly gaining recognition. This is your opportunity to gain greater skills to assist others on the journey of heart opening and personal empowerment.

“My personal experience as a healer has been that it is a remarkably powerful healing modality that enables people to grow and make changes quickly and easily. I continue to experience feelings of deep satisfaction and joy in seeing the effects of this process on others. Since I began working in Heart Centered Breathwork in 1991 'Spirit' has continually lifted and guided me forward.

I have now been working for over twenty years full time as a Heart Centered Breathwork Practitioner and have travelled the globe three times paying my way 'doing sessions'. I have always found that people turn up looking for a session at the right time and I have never been short of clients. Today I live a truly blessed life: I share a passionate, loving marriage with my beautiful wife, Susan, we have two great kids, live on 7 acres of beautiful rainforest, doing what I love, helping to make the world a better place”. Nicholas de Castella

Thrive Breathwork Practitioner Training Program

Level 1: Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Certificate - Online

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching Certification

With Core Clearing Breathwork you can begin to build a business as a coach helping people identify and breakthrough the blockages that are holding them back in their lives. The process is fast, gentle and profound. You can facilitate Core Clearing Breathwork in person, on the phone or over the internet with people around the world.

Gain the skills and understandings to facilitate the Core Clearing Breathwork Process.

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching trains life-coaches to work with clients worldwide to gain clarity and direction, identify and clear blocks, be at their best and move forward in life with enthusiasm and grace. Includes a done for you 10 session Tune Up Your Life Coaching program (on Zoom or Skype) FB Ad, Enrolment session script, Email Sequences and Core Clearing Breathwork Script.

 Click here to find out more about Online Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching!

Level 2. Thrive Dynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training - In Person

Having established the foundational practices in Core Clearing Breathwork, students apply the principles to a wide range of aspects in their lives: emotional healing, inner child connection, gender healing, loving relationships, financial wealth, health and wellbeing, sacred sexuality, spiritual growth.

This level qualifies you to register with Australian Breathwork Association, gain professional indemnity insurance and earn a living as a Breathwork Practitioner.

This training qualifies you to establish your own coaching practice doing 1 on 1 sessions. The training gives you the knowledge and skills to facilitate a 14 session, 6-month Life Transforming Healing Program and establish your own business.

Build you own Thrive Breathwork Coaching Practice with confidence!




1) PASSIONATELY ALIVE (Attend & Refresh) 




PASSIONATELY ALIVE : Emotional Healing and Empowerment with Breathwork

Participants are trained to use the breath to take greater control of their lives by connecting head to heart, increasing self awareness, clearing emotional blockages (such as pain, anxiety, stress and depression), mastering their emotions and cultivating a positive attitude to life through practices such as acceptance, compassion, generosity, courage and kindness.

Click here to read more about Passionately Alive Retreat:


1. ALCHEMY : Conscious Creating - 5 Steps to Create A Life You Love

  1. Create a crystal clear vision for your life 
  2. Clear blocks to receiving goodness 
  3. Cultivate heart states to manifest what you want 
  4. Practice Wealth Creation Principles 
  5. Align your mind, body and heart to achieve Heart Qualities Cultivated: Enthusiasm, Generosity, Gratitude, Mystery

2. EMPOWERMENT : Inner Child Healing

5 Steps to Reclaiming Your Power. Gain Freedom from childhood conditioning

  1. Clear stuck/struggle birth patterns 
  2. Individuate: End enmeshment/isolation 
  3. Release authority disapproval syndrome 
  4. Claim your authority: End mystified projections 
  5. Live Congruently. Get out of drama Heart Qualities: Peace, Gentleness, Compassion, Innocence

3. Manhood / Womanhood : 5 Steps to Living Courageously

  1. Healing gender shame and understanding differences 
  2. Embracing the masculine and feminine in each of us 
  3. Clarifying your values and mission 
  4. Rite of passage to adulthood 
  5. Find self love and acceptance Heart Qualities: Peace, Acceptance, Compassion, Integrity, Courage

4. LOVING RELATIONSHIPS : 5 Steps to Heart Centred Relationships

  1. Deepen relationship – being all that you are 
  2. Learn to speak up for yourself 
  3. Connect heart to heart: Empathetic sharing 
  4. Communication: verbal and non-verbal 
  5. Heart Honouring: Creating a sacred space of love and connection

5. SACRED SEXUALITYS : Uniting Love and Sexuality

  1. Rediscover the beauty and innocence of our sexuality. Heal sexual shame, guilt and hurt 
  2. Learn to be present and connected to the flow of Kundalini (life force) energy
  3. Opening to Pleasure: Explore sensuality, breath, movement and consciousness 
  4. Deepen heart to heart connections 
  5. Uniting love and sexuality Heart Qualities Cultivated: Openness, Honesty, Honouring, Compassion and Empathy

6. RADICAL BREAKTHROUGHS : 5 Steps to Awaken Spiritually

  1. Awaken to your basic goodness 
  2. Transcend ego encapsulation 
  3. Connect to your timeless nature 
  4. Dialogue with divine guidance 
  5. Cultivate inspired living Heart Qualities: Mystery, Wisdom, Freedom, Trust, Grace and Love


2024 Thrive Dynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training Details

The requirements to fulfil stage are:

  1. Participate in PASSIONATELY ALIVE X 2 ( Attend and Refresh) 
  2. Complete 2 THRIVE BREATHWORK MASTERY TRAINING - 8 Day Deep dive residential training
  3. Complete 5 practitioner-training days (online during the year). 
  4. Complete assignments from home

The Training includes a comprehensive 'Thrive Breathwork Program'
A 10 session life transforming personal growth program for you to deliver to your clients.

Complete with:

  • 10+ Session detailed program description telling you exactly what to do in each session 
  • Practitioner Handbook with all the resources you need 
  • 180 Personalised Client Handouts to support your clients and build your referral base.

PLUS You also receive  

'Thrive Pathway Program' to deliver to your clients
This is a 5 Session Get Back On Track Program...

  1. Clarity: Where are they, Want to be, Gap, What’s stopping them 
  2. Thrive Plan – Design a life you love: Thrive Plan, Ideal week, Ideal day 
  3. Values and Priorities: Who are you and what’s important 
  4. Aspirations: Heart Visioning: Heart Based Goals 
  5. Heart Manifesting - Commit & Flow (taking action)

Plus Ongoing Maintenance Program:  Staying on track and keeping on moving forward

2024 Thrive Breathwork Practitioner Training Dates


  1. PASSIONATELY ALIVE      June 20-23       November 7-10
  2. THRIVE BREATHWORK MASTERY           November 21-28*
    Live-in 8-day training from 7.00 pm Thursday to 3.00 pm Friday. 


 Breathwork Training Online 5 x 1 days 

Practitioner training days: 10.00am to 5.00pm.


Location: The in-person modules are held at a rainforest retreat, 40 minutes from Melbourne. 

Transport: An airport bus service operates to a train station near us and you can Uber it from there.






To participate in the training you will need to have a personal commitment to your own healing process and a desire to help others. As the training prepares you to practice healing you do not have to feel ready to be a therapist right now. You simply need to feel a desire to bring more love into the world. An important aspect of the training will be to expose and release blockages that may restrict your confidence as a healer. I believe that healers are conduits. 

The healer guides the client from where they are to their next step. We need different kinds of healers with different life experiences to draw on. People seem to be magically drawn to particular healers because that healer can help them to cross their next bridge. This is good news for the healer because it means that to be able to assist others it is not necessary to have 'it all together'!

Professional Accreditation as a Breathwork Practitioner 

On completion of the training the trainee will be qualified to apply for Breathwork accreditation with the Australian Breathwork Association and gain Professional Indemnity Insurance from OAMPS Insurance Brokers (about $220/year). On going support and development

On going support and back up program for therapists takes the form of regular gatherings where we share information about issues that have arisen in sessions.

Plus Awesome Bonuses!

The Thrive Breathwork Coach Trainings come with these great bonuses:

Thrive Dynamic Breathwork - 10 session Program 

Guide clients to identify and break the chains of ancestral trauma and dysfunctional family patterns that hold us back and keeping us small and feeling unworthy to receive the blessings of life fully.

The Training includes a Comprehensive Thrive Breathwork Coaching Program.

Complete with:

10 Session Detailed Program description telling you exactly what to do in each session

Practitioner Handbook all the resources you need 

Personalised Client Handouts 180 pages to support your clients and build your referral base.


Coach others to Get Back on Track!

The Program Includes:

  • Enrolment session script 
  • Full Program Details 
  • Worksheets 
  • Handouts 
  • Web listing 
  • Email Campaign


Giving presentations is one of the most powerful way to Introduce others to Breathwork & Thrive Breathwork Coaching enrol new clients!

The Program Includes: 

• Power point presentation

• Program for the evening

• How to run an evening presentation

• Handouts

Inspirational Sharings from Past Graduates

Prepare to be inspired by the REAL transformations the Thrive Breathwork Coach Academy offers and how the heart centred approach was the key to ‘Genuine Success’...

I am loving this journey from head to heart. Carla Haydon, Student ,Thrive Breathwork Coach 

My life has shifted and my spirit reignited. Phil Haydon, Student, Thrive Breathwork Coach 

Life will never be the same again, it feels richer and more rewarding. Mel Macaulay, Student, Thrive Breathwork Coach

The training has taught me to be more honest and open in all areas of my life and given me back my self worth. Ellen Henderson, Thrive Breathwork Coach

I am living with integrity, empowerment and love…thank you. Teresa Ratcliffe, Thrive Breathwork Coach and Group Facilitator 

I will be practicing all the teachings and help others. Angela Hawdon, Thrive Pathway Practitioner

The training gave me so many vital skills and I thank you Nicholas from the depths of my heart. Sue Penrose, Thrive Breathwork Coach 

I have grown and hunger to grow so much more. Cassandra Baily, Student Thrive Breathwork Coach

I have the courage and confidence to live my life with passion, intimacy and purpose. Peter Grinlington, Thrive Breathwork Coach

Being in the group feels like coming home. Andrew Macaulay, Student Thrive Breathwork Coach

This training has been a pivot part of my life. Diana Waterton, Thrive Breathwork Coach

Thank you from my newly opened heart.  Mary Baddley, Thrive Breathwork Coach

I was able to come back to my true essence and heal the past. Marisol Lopez, Thrive Breathwork Coach

Breathwork Coach Training Fees

LEVEL 2. Thrive Breathwork Practitioner

 Includes: Core Clearing Certification & Thrive Pathway Certification 

    Attend : 

 • 2 x Passionately Alive (Attend & Refresh) 

 • 1 x 8 Day Heart Centred Living Modules  

• 5 x 1 Day Practitioner Training 

Please feel free to call Susan or myself to chat about this on 03 9739 8889

More Details for you…

Class size 

Limited to a maximum of 16 trainees. This training has booked inn the past out so if you want to participate please reserve your place with a deposit soon as possible.

Enrolment Procedure 

Places will be allocated upon the receipt of deposit or full payment.


Click Here to Contact me for a chat to see if we are a good fit.


Before payments can be accepted candidates need to complete an assessment interview with Nicholas

Upon successful completion of the interview you will be offered a pace in the training and asked to secure your place with a $500 deposit.

Once having paid your deposit and secured your place you may finalise your fees by: 

Full payment 


Pay in instalments according to fee payment schedule Deposit in 10 monthly payments

Put Your Business Hat on for a Moment

We understand that the Thrive Breathwork Coach Training involves a financial investment so I thought it worth spending a few moments recapping on what you get and what this training is worth.

Our program includes 3 residential retreats plus 5 Practitioner training days 

We choose to conduct our trainings as residential retreats so that the participants get a deep immersion in their process.

The greatest transformative force in healing is the quality of the healers Presence. Presence is a product of coming into deep relationship with yourself - your capacity to remain relaxed, open and present with all your feelings. 

If you can see the value in this but finding the money is an issue please contact us to see if we can customize a payment plan to make this work for you. Call: 03 9739 8889.

Thrive Breathwork Coach Academy Trainers

Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas’ passion is assisting people to clear the blockages that prevent them from achieving happiness and success with joy and ease. Nicholas has been a full time life-coach, facilitator and practitioner trainer for over 20 years. He has conducted more than 10,000 sessions. He is the author of ‘Keys to Emotional Mastery’ and has presented Emotional Intelligence Trainings: 'Passionately Alive' around Australia and the world. He has conducted workshops across Australia, in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England.

In his youth, he spent four years at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra where he regularly ran 200 km per week. He represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships. His best performances were: 28:40 for 10 kilometres and 2hrs 15 minutes for the marathon, which made him the 10th fastest Australian all time (and yes he does have a famous brother: Rob de Castella). In the late ‘80’s he was involved in a tragic head on car accident and suffered from Chronic Fatigue that led him to explore personal development and Emotional Intelligence. In the early 90’s he followed his heart and shifted from working as an architect to personal growth. Nicholas was a member of The National Breathwork Accreditation Committee that gained government Accreditation for Breathwork Trainings at Certificate III, IV and Diploma levels.

Susan de Castella

Susan has been practising meditation and yoga for over 30 years, Today she shares her wisdom as a Heart Centred Breathwork Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and author ‘Grieving the Loss of your Pet’ She has a successful practice consisting of private sessions, facilitating ‘Womanhood’ Seminars and together with her husband Nicholas de Castella, conducting seminars including ‘Passionately Alive’, and Thrive Breathwork Practitioner Training.

Susan is a proud wife and mum. She gives herself fully to caring for her family, loves animals: the chooks, dog and cat. She has a passion for spiritual growth and enjoying life fully.

 Susan has an innate ability to share her compassion, understanding and care to support her clients’ to release stress, master anxiety and fully embrace our humanness.

 Her philosophy is simple: Unconditional self-love is the key to being at our best.

6 Medical Doctors Recommend Thrive Breathwork!

Dr Andrew Horwood G.P

I have known and worked with Nicholas and Susan de Castella for over 10 years. Over 200 of my patients during this time have reported more energy; lessening of physical pain; increased understanding of their life situation; a range of skills that can be used in all sorts of situations to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression; improved mood; improved coping skills with life stressors; more passion in their lives, and hence, improved relationships; finding a network of genuine friends from whom they feel support.

Some of my patients attending Seminars have been particularly ill, either physically or mentally, and these patients, too, have been able to make great gains during a short time. I conclude by thoroughly recommending the range of Seminars facilitated by Nicholas & Susan de Castella. These are high quality events with the potential for changing people’s lives forever. 

As medical doctors you would want to benefit from their transforming work for your self and of course your patients. I have found Nicholas and Susan to be heartfelt beings who practice what they preach and in doing so have that special quality of authentic and infectious teaching by example. Both are well experienced healing processes, which as a holistic practitioner for more than 25yrs.

I know it as essential for my patients to access in order to regain wellness. Whether facilitated in individual sessions or in groups, patients will get help for the emotional and mental dimensions of their symptoms, which most GPs have no time to delve into; whether it is depression, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative illness of all kinds. Your patients will be thankful for Nicholas and Susan's help.

Dr Margaret Ngu G.P.

I am a general practitioner with twenty years experience in rural Australia. I am currently employed as a consultant family physician in Riyadh, in the Middle East. I have qualifications as above in nutrition and psychiatry. I have known Nicholas Castella for some years and have attended his seminars, which I have found useful as an emotional release.

I believe he is very professional and dedicated to his work. I believe his work is very beneficial to many of his clients. His approach is different to orthodox medicine but he is accessing the subconscious in an attempt to give insight and use cathartic methods to resolve conflicts. These methods in my opinion are useful in treating depression and anxiety, the major psychiatric conditions of our time. His methods are useful also for treating unresolved grief and improving self-image.     Dr Patrick Kennedy G.P.

Dr Peter Johnston G.P.

I have attended Passionately Alive, Manhood and Relationship. I have found them helpful and inspiring. I recommend my patients to attend. In fact I believe emotional and heart centred work is essential for personal growth and healing. I recommend these workshops to anyone with chronic disease, relationship problems, emotional crisis and those wanting to avoid these. 

Holistic Medical Practitioner, MBBS (Monash), AMAC (Australian Medical Acupuncture College), FACNEM (Fellow of Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), MSE(Psychology), Founder of Australian College of Transformational Medicine. Past President of AIMA, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (1998-2001)

I cannot recommend too highly the brilliant work that Nicholas and Susan de Castella do with people who are troubled with life's inevitable challenges and stresses. I had the fortunate experience of doing my first course, Passionately Alive 5 years ago and the benefits I attained have remained to this day. I am more present and in the moment and in touch with my emotions since that unforgettable weekend.

This has helped enormously in my personal relationships and in my professional life. Nicholas has created a safe, secure, environment where people are free to express themselves openly. He treats everyone as equals and so even though he is a teacher and facilitator he is neither didactic nor beyond approach.

Dr. Robert Hanner G.P.

Nicholas de Castella is an amazing person who through his programs allows us to lose some of the barriers to REAL communication; his programs allow us to witness to ourselves and to our friends what is really in our hearts on an intimate manner based on truth and honesty.

I have seen as a result of being in these programs an incredible growth and development particularly in those that have been most crushed by the mechanisms of modern day life-experience and personal anguish by tortured relationships.      Dr Chris Wimbury G.P.


TERESA RATCLIFFE, Thrive Breathwork Coach

Domestic Violent Victim to Business Owner/Empowered Woman

I felt totally destroyed, and fearful as I was wrapped in the chains of havoc even years after the divorce. I then found Passionately Alive it was the first key to setting myself free from the chains holding me in my past and it sparked my own empowerment journey. I began to reclaim areas of myself that I thought were gone forever as I stepped deeper into the training and became a Thrive Breathwork Coach. 

I was becoming alive once more and being the positive role model for my children by living and feeling my truth. I now have a clear light shining and directing me in my life (my heart) where once I only saw emptiness and blackness.

Today I am living my heart’s calling; I am saving for the 1st time in 10 years as a single parent, I have my own business; Heart’s Voice and I am a Thrive Breathwork Coach, Women’s Meditation Group Facilitator, Office Assistant and Workshop Assistant with Thrive Breathwork Coach Academy.

JEAN THOMAS, Thrive Breathwork Coach

From Zoo Keeper to International Award Winning Conservationist Consultan

I was at the point in my life where I wanted to share my knowledge with the world. I had learned so much from Nicholas and Susan with my own personal Growth through the training and it was time for me to step up and share this with others.

The Thrive Breathwork Coaching Course was the perfect structure I needed to get me there and not just dream about it. The best part of the training was I healed myself along the way. This training provided me with the safe space to really ‘show up’, the community to support the teachings and myself along the way. 

I was no longer doing it alone and I really needed that. The most beneficial aspect of this training was the opportunity to release the emotional blocks that were holding me back with stepping up and out into the world. I was terrified at the thought of this at the first workshop training but by the final workshop I had more confidence in myself to step up. I know I would not have been able to do this on my own.

ANNE HUBBARD, Thrive Breathwork Coach

From Accountant to Emotionally Intelligent Parenting Coach

I attended Passionately Alive with my husband, which really opened me up so I could be more present with my clients and myself, having lived in my mental world for so long.

I felt the calling to give more to my clients and help them shift their issues permanently. So I stepped forward and I completed the Thrive Breathwork Coach Training with Nicholas.

Now, I’ doing what I love, running Emotional Intelligence trainings for parents of kids and teenagers, enhanced with my learning from Nicholas. With my own personal growth through the training I have run over 30 group programs with clients from the UK, US, Czech Republic and even Sri Lanka. I conduct sessions and programs in Melbourne and online for parents locally, interstate and globally including at local primary and secondary schools and youth groups.

LOUISE WIGG, Thrive Breathwork Coach

I did the Thrive Breathwork Coach Training in 2002 for my own personal development and it had the most amazing impact on my life. I learned all about that empty ache and all of the other feelings that had mystified me my whole life.

I learned how to identify emotions, how to be with them, even the uncomfortable ones and to express them in healthy ways. To me this had been the missing piece of my puzzle, particularly my body image puzzle. I could now love myself and allow true love to come back.

During my Coach training I found the love of my life and married him. Now we have two gorgeous girls to add to Bruce’s 4 lovely children.

For the first time in a really long time I truly believe in myself and what I have to offer. I’m able to witness the self depreciating thoughts and recognise them for what they are; a story I made up a long time ago I can now move past them to achieve my goals. I feel highly motivated and excited to the point where some mornings, I wake up at 4am full of ideas and I get up and start work then! I am more willing to take risks, do my best and be OK with things being good enough. I feel more open and trusting, in my work and in my life.

 Thank you Nicholas and Susan! When I met you I was looking for so much. Your work helped me to find myself…my loving husband, our children and the fantastic life I now feel so blessed by and grateful for. Thank you

What Now?

Would you like to help others to be at their best?

Would you like to create a life of freedom and fulfilment? Yes?


Click Here to Contact me for a chat to see if we are a good fit.

Now is your time to thrive!

Kind Regards,

Nicholas and Susan de Castella

Thrive Breathwork Coach Academy Trainers