Why Study At The Australian Breathwork College?

 If you are looking for a meaningful way to make a positive difference in the world, then you will love our Heart-Centred Breathwork Trainings.

Enjoy A Heart Centered Approach

Our approach is for caring, empathic practitioners who are emotionally intelligent.

You are important to us. We want to be here with you and help you to find freedom and fulfilment in service to others with Breathwork.

Our training's are about becoming a clear, open-hearted channel for love. Our heart-centred approach to Breathwork connects the head to heart for peace, love, and happiness and access your heart intelligence, so you can live with more kindness, compassion, generosity, courage, gratitude and resilience so you can heal, create loving relationships, be at your best and thrive in life.

Australia’s Time-honoured Established Professional Breathwork Training

For the last 21 years we’ve hosted consecutive year long Breathwork Trainings.

Gain International Recognition and  Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our courses were created in alignment with the Government accredited training at Certificate III, IV and Diploma Levels.

We are highly respected, with more than a dozen Medical Doctors, Psychologists having completed the Training.  *(Gov. Accreditation not currently available)

Comprehensive Training Resources and Support

Our trainings come with comprehensive Recordings, Meditations, Manuals and community support,

Our trainings are simple and easy to complete. When you attend our trainings you will receive comprehensive training manuals that cover every aspect of Breathwork and setting up your practice so you can feel competent and confident to go out into the world and make a difference. Help a people overcome stress, anxiety, heal relationship wounds and find direction and passion for life.

A Life Transformation Journey

Our Breathwork Training is a profound life-transforming healing and empowerment journey.

Emotional healers cannot take their clients any deeper than they have journeyed themselves. Furthermore, it is the quality of the healers presence that determines the level of trust and transformation of the client.

Begin Your Breathwork Practice Fast 

Begin working with clients in as little as 3 days.

For very little setup costs, you can begin to work with clients using Core Clearing Breathwork online, from home with clients around the world.

You get to join our beautiful  Heart Centered Community 

We have an amazing heart centered community to support you. Make connections, friendships and experience help and encouragement from kindred heart centered people.