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Thank you for your interest in our Online Breathwork Training.

My name is Nicholas de Castella. My wife, Susan, and I have built and amazing life through Breathwork and we are keen to support you to create a rich and fulfilling life in service to others. 

For the last 21 years  I have been conducting annual Breathwork Trainings. Breathwork has supported a family of 4 to live and amazing life on our retreat centre in the Dandenong Ranges Rainforest on the outskirts of Melboure.

Our style of Breathwork is Heart Centred which means it is based on gently connecting, trusting and surrendering to the unfolding that happens in the moment.  The process is a simple yet powerful, gentle yet rapid coaching process to help clients release emotional trauma, open their heart and gain the clarity, confidence and enthusiasm to move forward and live life fully.

With Core Clearing Breathwork you can begin to build a business as a coach or work with existing clients to take them deeper: helping clients identify and breakthrough the blockages that are holding them back in their lives. You can facilitate Core Clearing Breathwork in person, on the phone or over the internet with people around the world.

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching utilises Breathwork, Mindfulness, Somatic,  Emotional and Heart Intelligence. Client quickly and gently identify and clear the subconscious emotional blocks that cause stress, anxiety, frustration and suffering and connect to the inner guidance for motivation and direction in life. 

What can Core Clearing Breathwork help with?

  • Discover and dissolve the root cause of anxiety, frustration, stress and depression, 
  • Heal past hurts, release resentment and find forgiveness and growth
  • Dissolve physical pain, improve sleep, 
  • Clear self-sabotage and procrastination
  • Become more present and connected in life
  • Gain clarity, insights, enthusiasm and guidance from the heart to move forward 
  • Live the life you are here to live.

You can help clients who are nagged by a persistent issue that just wont go away

  • Someone who just gets under our skin?
  • Feel anxious about not being able to pay the bills?
  • Feeling stuck and frustrated at not getting  ahead?
  • Having trouble not finishing jobs off, but don’t understand why?
  • Feeling mentally, fatigued, cloudy and overwhelmed about making an important decision?
  • Suffering from over active thinking that just wont stop and keeps us awake at night so we feel tired in the day and unable to function properly?
  • Racked by guilt or shame from the past that keeps us feeling bad about yourself?
  • Having trouble getting over a life disappointment: a broken heart, a business failure… ?
  • An issue that keeps causing us to feel upset?

Who can use Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching?

This simple process is great for coaches, healers and personal trainers to help their clients get breakthroughs and a fabulous way to add another income stream to their business.

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching is great for parents, including mums of young children who want the flexibility of working their own hours from home, doing something meaningful that really makes a difference.

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching is suitable for anyone who would like to be of service in helping their family and friends to release pain and find peace, happiness and wholeness.

A Coaching Business in a Box

The Training comes with a ‘done for you business in a box’ so you can get up and running with your coaching business easily and effortlessly. Including…

  • A 10 session: ‘Tune Up Your Life’ coaching program 
  • Guidelines on exactly what to do and say in each session
  • Marketing resources including Facebook ad image and copy
  • A Discovery session enrolment script
  • Marketing email sequences. Pre and post session emails 
  • Access to an online learning centre

The World Is Your Oyster!

One of the great things about Core Clearing Breathwork is it works just as well over the phone, Skype or Zoom, so you can do sessions from your home to people around the world.

Here is a real life case study – before a session:

“Hi Nicholas, we’re 12 years into our business, and we seem to be stuck with making our business create real freedom for us – we seem a little stuck, like a broken record. For me real freedom means working less, be able to pursue other ideas, etc. I have a hesitancy of doing it all again to come back to the same point. I want to break free and let go of that cycle/thinking.”

1 week on from our session:

“Since last weekend, the jobs are literally flying in the door – the bigger jobs as quotes at this stage, which about 80% will turn into actual jobs. One quote in particular is close to $6,000 worth (profit). We’ve jumped onto the roller coaster, climbing and climbing, and as of the 1st of March we are catapulted into the hands of gravity with regards to our new ventures. It’s all systems go, and we’re not waiting for anyone. What an exciting time!”

There are 2 entry points to Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching. 

       (You can complete these trainings in either order)

1. The Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching Skills Training 

You will also receive resources to help you begin creating your Core Clearing Breathwork Business including

  • A Business in a Box Marketing system
  • A client enrolment script
  • 8 Core Clearing Breathwork scripts
  • Full email sequence
  • Facebook Ad template
  • A 10 session high ticket  Tune Up Your Life program to take your clients through.

2. You Can Change Your Life  - Online Personal Wellbeing and Life Balance Program
Attendance at the 10-week small group online coaching program to tune up your life.


You get a free pass to our next 2 Day in person Breakthrough Breathwork Workshop.

Join us in person to go to the next level of depth, emotional healing and heart opening.

This program will be conducted in a Melbourne Conference Centre

Delivery Format

The Core Clearing Breathwork Certificate Training is in 2 components.

1. You Can Change Your Life Program - Online Personal Wellbeing and Life Balance Program 
You attend the 10 week Change Your Life Program for your own personal development. In this program you will take your life to a higher level and gain valuable personal experience, from the inside, of the Core Clearing Breathwork Program.

  • The program runs for 10 Wednesday evenings starting 7:30pm 18th May, 2022

2. Core Clearing Breathwork Certification - Online Coach Training
You attend the Certificate Training program. This program consists of 2 days training  (attend in person or online) and 3 webinar sessions where you will practice taking others through the Core Clearing Breathwork Process.

  • 2 Day In person or Online Training: 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday - 6 & 7 August, 2022
  • 4 Evening Webinar Training Sessions: 7:00-9.30pm Thursdays: 10, 17, 24, 31 August, 2022

Core Clearing Breathwork Facilitator Fees

The total price of the Core Clearing Breathwork Training Certification (and bonuses) is:

Full Fees: $3,940

Post Covid Special Offer: 50% Discounted (for a limited time)

Paid Upfront:  $1,970


Pay in Instalments : 4 instalments of $547/month ($2,188)


Yep you read that right. You can pay for the training with just 2 client doing the Tune Up Your Life - 10 session program at $100 each session!

Right now, I just need to know if you can join us and I’ll get you all the details.

Here’s how to get started.

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"I am so happy I did the Core Clearing Breathwork Training as this method of clearing emotional blockages is nothing short of AMAZING!
I am feeling very excited to evolve my Personal Training/Massage Therapy business and self to a higher level, where I can help more people with an even more diverse range of problems. My toolbox has expanded and I love it, as I can tackle issues a few different ways! Diversity, Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom!
I have loved being involved in all the training as I love learning about breathing, meditation, energy, helping people and moving forward in life. So if this is you or you resonate with any of this then you are going to love this course!
I feel very blessed to have Nicholas & Susan de Castella as my teachers, coaches, trainers! I hit the JACKPOT! Very grateful!! A must do course! Happy to speak further if you have questions - 0413 179 737  
Marlon Walker, Sport Optimum, Body Work and Personal Trainer

"As a Naturopath, the Core Clearing Breathwork is a valuable addition to offer my clients. This is a gentle, effective way for clients to use their breath to access their mind body wisdom and heart intelligence to create shifts in a way that can safely be offered online or via phone. Nicholas is a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful for to benefit from his years of experience."
Annabel Mason, Naturopath and Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

As a Beauty Therapist for many years, I experienced having clients mainly looking to come for a relaxing time. Most of these clients I found were suffering some form of stress, anxiety or even depression. I began to think that I needed to have a further service to help my clientele with their well being. I’ve always been interested in healing & therefore looked into breathwork. I thank the universe for sending me to Nicholas & Susan de Castella. Being introduced & signing up to do the Core Clearing breath work course was the best decision I made for myself personally & for my clientele. I can’t wait to implement my learning on my clients and look forward to where this will take me in my business.  ??
Gordana Marriotte, Beauty Therapist and Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

I can not recommend Australian Breathwork Training highly enough. Amazing programs. They provide amazing training, service and support. Nicholas, Susan and team are so lovely and friendly to work with. Thanks for all you do and being apart of your community. ?
Kate Kendall, Personal Trainer, Well-being  and Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

Being a Breathwork practitioner, I wanted to expand my practice and offer another avenue towards emotional breakthrough. Having touched upon Core Clearing during my Breathwork training, I wanted to fully develop my skill in the process. 
The Core Clearing Breathwork Certificate Training was so thorough for me. I easily understood all the material as Nicholas presents it so logically and seamlessly. The course was done over ZOOM. I had my reservations that it would translate as effective as it does in person, but Nicholas and all the participants were integral to the process and created a beautifully connected group which deepened the understanding. I feel supremely confident going forward and offering this opportunity for my clients to experience their own emotional breakthroughs. Thank you Nicholas….    
Louise Holthouse, Breathwork Practitioner


After doing the Core Clearing Breathwork training and seeing the great results people were getting I decided to move forward to the certificate training as I saw that I could help people get breakthroughs and pay my bills. I thought how cool is that! Since then I find myself in a position to help people move forward in their lives particularly with the impact Covid has had on them. What is even more amazing is that the training not only has changed my life thru the shared practice sessions but with the 'business in a box' that Nicholas has put together I am starting to get up and running. Being on a pension is hard financially but now I can help people and also help myself doing something I love and seeing great results in those I have had the privilege to take thru the core clearing process and seeing their growth and freedom is awesome!
Don't hold back! The certificate training is great. I learnt so much and now I have the tools to help others move forward, find their blockages, and find their own healing! I can't thank Nicholas enough!
Terese Wilby, Entrepreneur and Core Clearing Coach

Hi Nicholas, Wow! Since the weekends training, so many things (amazing things) have been showing up and happening. I have complete 2 Core Clearing sessions with Tatiana my wife and she has had some fantastic shifts and realisations - she wasn’t sure at first, when she explored afterwards she was surprised at what was coming up. I have been continuing to implement breathing 4/4 during the day for myself and specifically when moments of emotional charge present and wow, the ability to re-centre and be present with the feeling is mid blowing, moments where previously I would have reacted in many different

 ways, I have been able to keep calm and poised…. 

Today, I caught up with a lady I know that I hadn’t seen for a little while and I know she was resistant to doing a core clearing session as I’d mentioned and she said she didn’t feel ready so I thought, well even if I could just get her to breathe for a few minutes using the 4/4 just as a little meditation, It will have some sort of benefit (it went beyond what I expected. (her husband died a year ago and she has not taken the time to deal with it). Anyway the story goes:

Today I was Consulting with a lovely lady I personally know named Deb, she shared with me that she had not yet really taken time to deal with the death of her husband who died over 12 months ago. She also shared that she had kept herself busy since then, and hadn’t really stopped to take time out to deal with it, or process it. I offered her a gift, a few minutes of a breathwork meditation to reconnect with herself. She initially seemed to resist in her actions (maybe fear), then she quickly changed and accepted and took a seat. I Proceeded with a few minutes of a breathwork meditation – just a simple and effective process of just focusing on her breath. 
She had some trouble at first keeping a rhythm and wondering if she is doing it right. But we persisted and after a few minutes she come back to being present and many different emotions presented themselves, tears were welling up in her eyes. Whilst discussing her experience, in the back ground we could hear a noise, it was a phone sounding and the phone was Debs mobile, which was positioned next to a picture of her late husband on a table. The phone had an alarm going off, she picked up the phone and said, I don’t use the phone as an alarm or even know how to set an alarm, why would this be going off. She said, its Kev, her late husband. We both had goosebumps and felt the presence of someone there. This was a profound moment. Deb said, I haven’t felt this way since Kev died, more than a year ago (my understanding of that was that she hadn’t felt herself the way she was in that moment – an open heart connection with herself since then). She was in tears and I was in ore at what just played out, just wow…. Deb turned and said to me, you just remind me of Kev, the things you say, the way you are. Thank you!
This was a moment, I will never forget and a deep knowing in my heart that this work is transforming to say the least. I have written this down and will keep forever. She has since texted to say thank you and say that I am a beautiful Soul. She has also mentioned that she wants to do some core clearing sessions now. So thank you for sharing this profound work, I am so inspired. I really never knew that it was going to have this sort of impact on people.
With Love and Gratitude, Peter Norton

About The Founder And Presenter: Nicholas De Castella

Nicholas de Castella is a Breathwork Master Coach. He is the Director of the Institute of Heart Intelligence and head of the Australian Breathwork College. 

He is best known for connecting, inspiring and empowering people to find their passion and live an extra-ordinary life.

Over the last 27 years Nicholas has conducted more than 10,000 sessions, 200 x 3 ½ day Passionately Alive workshops and 21 year-long Breathwork Practitioner Trainings. 

35 years ago, on the outside Nicholas looked like a success. He was representing Australia in World Championships, on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, working as an Architect, married with a house, dog and a cat.

But on the inside he felt empty and anxious. A tragic head on car accident lead to chronic fatigue.

After the crash he hit rock bottom and DECIDED something had to change.

He attended his first personal growth workshop where he realised that success is an inside-out game: He was the one that had been making his own life hard. Even better he learnt how to achieve success with ease, heal his body, run faster on less training and create a life he loves. 

He was so inspired by what he discovered that he switched from working as an Architect to Breakthrough Coach.

15 years ago Nicholas moved to heaven. Nicholas now lives on his retreat centre on 7 acres of Rainforest. He has a 20 year passionate, loving relationship with his lovely wife Susan and 2 amazing teenage boys. He loves to run and hike through the fern covered mountains where he lives. Nicholas spends his time doing work that he loves. He has built  a wonderful heart centred community across Australia.

SEMINAR POLICY  PLACES ARE LIMITED – Fees are to be paid in full 7 days prior to training unless other arrangements have been made. If cancelled more than 14 days prior to training, fees are refundable or transferable. If cancelled less than 14 days prior to training, fees are transferable, non-refundable. Late cancellations for training are virtually impossible to fill. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to training which leave an unfulfilled vacancy may be charged in full. Once a training commences, fees are non-refundable.

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