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Online Breathwork Training and In person: Be more heart centred: kind, loving, grateful and generous.

Help humanity connect to oneness personally, socially and globally.    *IICT Certified  

2022 Upcoming Events
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Instant watch - Free Online Breathwork Workshop - Experience Core Clearing Breathwork...
14th September - Online:  Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Certificate Training - IICT Approved!
14 September  - Online: You Can Change Your Life - 10 week Breathwork Group Coaching
24-27 November - Passionately Alive3 1/2 Day Breathwork & Emotional Healing Retreat

  Become An Inspiring Breathwork Practitioner

      Would you like to facilitate the new evolution of a Heart Centred Humanity?

      With our IICT approved breathwork training qualification from the Australian Breathwork College, you’ll learn how to work deeply and holistically,  to empower your clients to heal, open their hearts and live with more ease and grace and enjoy life fully.

  Competent and Confident is:

  o Developing breathwork skills and consultation confidence

   o Practice healing in a broad range of life challenges

   o Fuel your passion for service with processes you love

   o Graduate inspired and ready to heal and empower

        Welcome to the Australian Breathwork College

“Breathwork is the most beautiful, healing and profound heart opening experiences I have ever had… and I’ve been blessed to     have trained Breathwork Practitioners for 21 years“. Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas and Susan de Castella

Hello and Welcome!
We are delighted to meet you.

Thrive Breathwork Trainings can help you quickly and gently release anxiety and stress, find inner peace, happiness, deepen relationships, regain enthusiasm, direction and find the passion to live life fully.

You’re in good hands with us because we have completed over 10,000 sessions and conducted over 20 year-long professional Breathwork Trainings. And, we have a thriving heart centred Breathwork community across Australia who can support and encourage you.

With Thrive Breathwork we have created an amazing life and live an abundant, fulfilling lifestyle including supporting a family of 4, purchasing a city wellness centre and a country retreat venue, travelled the world and enjoy freedom and luxurious living… and now we would like to show you how you can too.

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Why Study At The Australian Breathwork College?

 If you are looking for a meaningful way to make a positive difference in the world then you are going to love our Thrive Breathwork Training.

Enjoy A Heart Centered Approach

Our approach is for caring, empathic practitioners who are emotionally intelligent.

Our training's are about becoming a clear, open hearted channel for love. Our heart centered approach to Breathwork connects head to heart for peace, love, happiness and access your heart intelligence, so you can live with more kindness, compassion, generosity, courage, gratitude and resilience so you can heal, create loving relationships, be at your best and thrive in life.

Australia’s Time-honoured Breathwork Training

For the last 21 years we’ve hosted consecutive year long Breathwork Trainings.

Our courses were created in alignment with the Government accredited training's at Certificate III, IV and Diploma Levels. We over a dozen Doctors, Psychologists, Kinesiologists, Pilates teachers and Medical practitioners having completed the Training.
 *(Gov. Accreditation not currently available)


Comprehensive Training Manuals

We have the best equipped trainings in the world.

When you attend our training you will receive comprehensive training manuals that cover every aspect of Breathwork and setting up your practice so you can feel competent and confident to go out into the world and make a difference. Help a people overcome stress, anxiety, heal relationship wounds and find direction and passion for life.


A Life Transformation Journey

Thrive Breathwork Training is a profound life-transforming healing and empowerment journey.

Emotional healers cannot take their clients any deeper than they have journeyed themselves. Furthermore, it is the quality of the healers presence that determines the level of trust and transformation of the client.

Begin Your Breathwork Practice Fast 

Begin working with clients in as little as 3 days.

For very little setup costs, you can begin to work with clients using Core Clearing Breathwork online, from home with clients around the world.

Thriving Heart Centered Community Support

We have over 1,000 graduates of our programs spread across Australia.

We have an amazing heart centered community to support you. Make connections, friendships and experience help and encouragement from kindred heart centered people.


Professional Services Our Breathwork Training Graduates Offer

Our Breathwork Graduates use the skills they learn in a wide variety of workplace settings…

 Dr. maraget ngu g.p

 wholistic medical doctor





Thrive Breathwork Training for Healing and Empowerment

Live Breathwork Training

Live in-person and online trainings…

Self-Paced Breathing Meditations

Online trainings you can do at your own pace…

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  What could your future hold?

 Become an agent of change who can connect, inspire and empower any client with a comprehensive range of Thrive Breathwork Skills on your side.
With the Australian Breathwork College’s network of diverse programs, discover how to create healing spaces that are safe, diverse and passionate wherever you are.

Nicholas and Susan de Castella and their Breathwork Trainings are approved by the Australian Breathwork Association and IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapies) and graduates are able to access Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Make an informed choice

Our one-on-one consultations are designed to clarify your dream career and provide practical guidance about your study options

Online or In-person Breathwork Training

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