By Nicholas de Castella

We are conceived with our hearts more or less open. By this I mean that we are relatively connected to the truth of our being, to our source, to the oneness with all things, to our innate beauty, to love. Our feelings flow through our bodies relatively freely. Feelings are our life force, our animation;they provide us with personal power and create the ‘color’ in our life,

From the moment of conception on we exist in the physical world, learning (making decisions), taking on the values, including which emotions are ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

‘Good’ emotions are generally those of joy and peace, ‘bad’ emotions are generally those of sadness, anger, and fear. When we experience ‘bad’ emotions there is a natural tendency to resist their natural course of flow. This resistance is PAIN. Sadness, anger, and fear are not painful emotions;it is making them (and us) wrong and trying to suppress them that is painful. When we allow ourselves to freely express our feelings they can flow through us quite gently and harmoniously.

To release the pain in our lives we need to accept all our feelings as valid and ‘real’ parts of ourselves, to stop judging some emotions as ‘good’ and others as ‘bad’. We need to practice accepting, letting go, allowing, and surrendering…

Sadness is caused by closing off our heart. It occurs in the forgetting of who we really, really are our true, magnificent, divine selves. It is the ’empty’ space between the smallness of the limitations that we have ‘bought’ into and the vastness of our being. We feel sadness when we have decided that we are anything other than perfect right now.

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