Make Truth Not Peace #1

By Nicholas de Castella

Truth is more important than peace. You can get to peace through truth, but you can’t get to truth through peace.

I believe that we came here on earth not to make peace with ourselves nor our neighbors but to release ourselves from the chains of self-doubt, self-deception, compromise, and suppression of our being. How often do we cast our truth aside and settle for safety and loneliness by being non-threatening -small, insignificant, and powerless?

Holding back our truth to avoid conflict for the sake of temporary acceptance and peace is dishonoring, betraying our integrity. This creates feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred. Often the reason that we avoid expressing our truth is because of our fear of rejection. The fear of rejection is really a fear of feeling the wound that is already within us (the sadness of being lost and marooned from the core of our being). Feeling this wound is what we need to do to heal! The withholding of truth only increases our loss of self and hence increases our desperation for acceptance and willingness to further compromise truth -setting up a cycle which leads to ever increasing disconnection from our sense of self.

We carry within our bodies stored energies(emotions) which have been suppressed from emotional experiences that we have not fully expressed. Energy is always moving. To keep these energies stored within us we need to brace our bodies (by becoming stiff and rigid) or detach and distract our attention from our truth (by being busy, in our heads etc.) or dampen the energy (by overeating, drug etc.). These attempts to suppress our emotions are tiring, and restrictive: keeping us bound in cages of separation from love, feeling passionately alive, empowered and whole.

We create experiences (often called problems, annoyances, nuisances…) that are going to give us an opportunity to feel and express these blocked and locked energies. When we experience these situations, we often get scared of feeling our pain and suppress the energy flow. Missing the point entirely, we choose (mostly unconsciously) to avoid feeling our pain by deflecting our attention away from ourselves through BLAME.

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