By Nicholas de Castella

Heaven is here, now. If you do not agree with this it may be because you are not ‘here’ to experience it.

Many religions teach that after we die we will have the opportunity to experience an imaginary place of happiness and bliss called heaven, that is if we’ve been good enough in this life. But what if this assumption is not true? What if heaven is available to us now? If it is, then how do we find

Our lives usually fall far short of experiences we would call ‘heavenly’. We live in a culture that suffers from gross amounts of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. If we could raise our level of enjoyment and experience a little more lightheartedness, then is it fair to say that this is a step closer to heaven? I think so. Furthermore, if we continue to lift our level of happiness, peace and love we would continue to move towards an authentic ‘heavenly’ experience here on earth.

Believing that heaven is something elsewhere is one of the major reasons why we don’t experience it here and now.

Looking for something better, somewhere else, means that we do not experience life as it actually is. Instead we engage the thinking mind which seeks, searches, analyses, compares and evaluates. The thinking mind is always one step removed from life. An experience rises in response to stimuli received through our senses. The thinking mind performs its tasks by interpreting this information. It basis this interpretation on comparisons to memories of past similar experiences. The interpretation is not the experience. The impression generated is now abstracted: filtered, distorted and removed from the actual experience.

The over active thinking mind is a product of avoiding deeper connection to feelings associated with our actual experience. We live in a culture that encourages us to suppress our emotions and disconnect from our feelings. Consequently we have over emphasised the thinking mind and neglected the feeling mind. Whilst our great technological advances are largely thanks to the power of the thinking mind, it is our lack of feeling connection that has led to the situation where human desolation poses the greatest threat to the survival of the planet. It appears that there is a desperate need for each of us to develop balance between our thinking minds and our feelings.

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