PASSIONATELY ALIVE, Keys To Emotional Mastery has been written to assist you in getting your emotions to serve you: to empower you in getting what you want from life. It teaches an understanding of how your emotions affect you and how you can use them to improve the quality of your life.

I often find that it is an emotion that has not been recognized and responded to in an appropriate way that is the cause of much of the distress in peoples lives.

Most people are uneducated in the roles and functioning of emotions. When I teach this information, people often ask me why they were not taught about their emotions as they were growing up? They realize that their emotional aspect is a very significant part of their lives which they know very little about.

Due to our lack of emotional understanding, we are often slaves to the particular irks and quirks of emotional whims. We may be either emotionally out of control or control addicts. Very few of us know how to use our emotions in healthy and creative ways.

Emotional Mastery is about regaining control of our lives by developing a strong, healthy and stable emotional core. It means bringing our emotions into balance. Some people's emotions are so big that they feel overwhelmed by them. Others spend much of their lives feeling very little and struggle to connect with and express their emotions.

Emotional Mastery happens when we become capable of allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and still to do what we want to do. We often avoid doing things that may bring up emotions (particularly fear, anger and sadness) because we do not know how to handle them in ourselves or in others.

For example, many times we let our fears stop us from taking action that we know would be in our best interest. For example, going to the dentist, standing up for ourselves at work or stating what we want in our relationships. In this way our fears block us from doing what we want to do. Our fear has mastered us, we have become the slave of our fear. Emotional Mastery happens when we can allow ourselves to be afraid, feel the fear and still take the steps that we need to take.

This book also provides preparatory reading for the Passionately Alive Seminar. The Seminar is a live-in program designed to assist people to open their hearts and to develop ‘Emotional Mastery’. During the seminar participants learn creative ways of expressing their sadness, fear, anger and joy. They clear out blocked emotion from past experiences. They also develop the skills to continue to utilize the power and wisdom innate in emotions.