Happy New Year!

We hope that 2023 brings you abundant peace, happiness and love.

The start of a new year is a fabulous time to create a vision for what an awesome year would look like for you.

In our heat centered living: Thrive Club, the theme for the month of January is ENTHUSIASM. 

The word Enthusiasm comes from Ancient Greek - En (meaning with) and Theos (meaning Spirit or God).

Enthusiasm arises when we listen to and follow our heart.

Being present and connected in your heart is the key to being at your best, finding happiness, deepening loving connections, living life fully and making the difference you are here to make.
Your heart is your compass. It is connected to the infinite intelligence in life, to the unfolding of creation.

When you listen to and follow your heart you come into alignment with living your deepest purpose with ease and flow.

Now is a great time to slow down and connect inside to feel into your heart about what you’d love to do in 2023.

Let me know what you discover.

Nicholas and Susan

P.S. Come and join me for our online heart visioning workshop: 2023 BY DESIGN on 8th January.

New and exciting at Australian Breathwork College...
Our big triumph for 2022 was taking our Core Clearing Breathwork Training around Australia and the world with Nick in Estonia and Marketa in the Czech Republic. 

Our Core Clearing Breathwork Coach training was approved by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT) so students and graduates can gain International Recognition and Professional Indemnity Insurance. 

Students are loving how simple and easy it is to complete this online training. It includes everything you need to create a thriving Breathwork Coaching business.

We are also thrilled by the awesome feedback we are receiving from our Free Online Breathwork WorkshopYou can gain instantly free access by clicking here.

On A Personal Note...
Both of our boys have now finished school and we are very proud of the fine young men they have become.

Susan and I are entering a new phase of our life and planning to spreading our wings in 2023 - maybe a world tour!

We look forward to connecting with you again and wish you a spectacular 2023!

Love and blessings,

Nicholas and Susan 

Here's some great ways to get the New Year started on a high...

(Click on headings to find out more)

Watch Now...     Free Introductory Breathwork Coaching Workshop 
                           Experience a Heart Centred Breathwork session

1 January          Thrive Club: Online Connection and Growth Program
                            Heart Centred Living Community Membership 

8 January          2023 by Design Breathwork Workshop - Online
                            1 Day Online Heart Visioning Workshop

19-22 January     Passionately Alive - Healing Breathwork Retreat
                           3 & 1/2 Day Emotional Intelligence Life Skills Seminar

6 February          2023 Monthly Men's Leap Group
                           Men's Life Enhancement & Achievement Group

8 February         Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Training - Online
                           Use Breathwork be of service and create a life you love

8 February          You Can Change Your Life - Online Group Coaching 
                           10-week Tune Up Your Life Program

5 March                ASPIRE - 4 x Group Breathwork Sessions / year
                            Stay clear, present & connected in our heart centred community

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Level 2 - Thrive Breathwork Training
   (Reply to this email if you would like a prospectus)

19-22 January    Module 1. PASSIONATELY ALIVE
                           3 1/2 Day Breathwork Emotional Healing

17-25 February  Module 2. HEART EMPOWERMENT
                           Alchemy: Living Abundantly
                           Inner Child: Empowerment
                           Manhood & Womanhood

14-23 April          Module 3. HEART TANTRA
                           Love: Heart Centred Relationships
                           Sex: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
                           Spirituality: Radical Breakthroughs

23 & 24 January  Breathwork Practitioner Training Skills
                            Mon.& Tues. after PA and 5 x 1 days online
                            Includes: Mentoring, Peer support
                            Manuals, Handbook, Client Program
                            Webinars, Podcast Recordings

Download a 2023 CALENDAR HERE


More Details below...

Free Introductory Breathwork Workshop Recording - Instant Access

I’m getting amazing feedback from a recording of an introductory Core Clearing Breathwork workshop.

“Hi Nicholas...that was BRILLIANT!!I had a very significant release around a major issue that has troubled me for decades...and was able to see it at a closer level than ever before. After going through the process, and thinking, "this is where I am going to get stuck"...I had this huge inner expansion as it washed over me the feeling of self-love that was "on the other side" of being able to move through what before had always been an utterly impenetrable wall, that I had never even been able to get close to...let alone through!  Thank you so much, Brenten Harlock”

I’ve segmented the presentation so you can skip to the areas that most interest you. And it includes a guided Core Clearing Breathwork session so you can get a feel for our heart centered approach. 

You can gain instant access by clicking Here: http://eepurl.com/gB9hxj

Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Certificate Training - Online

Next Intake Starts: 8th February 2023

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching is a simple yet powerful, gentle yet rapid Heart Centered Breathwork Coach Training. Gain the clarity, confidence and enthusiasm to work deeply and holistically in service to others. Do something meaningful that really makes a difference and create a life you love.  

The Key Benefits Of This Breathwork Training are...

• Simple, easy to follow and easy to complete, delivered live, all online.

• IICT approved so you can gain Professional Indemnity Insurance.

• Personally transformative - It will help you open your heart and create a life you love.

• Comes with a Breathwork script to make it easy for you to start facilitating breakthroughs straight away.

• With a done for you proven 10 session wellbeing coaching program for you to deliver to your clients.

• Empowers you to work online with people around the world, from anywhere in the world.

• Comes with a complete 'business in a box' with sales and marketing scripts, emails and Facebook ads.

• Presented live and in person by Nicholas de Castella, with 29 years and 10,000+ Breathwork session experience.

• Gives you access to join our loving, enthusiastic, supportive, global heart centered community.

• For a limited time available at a Special 50% Discount. 

Click Here to Find out more:  https://breathwork.com.au/onlinebreathworktraining/

2023 By Design Breathwork Workshop - Online

When: 10am-5pm Sunday January 8, 2023

Join me to experience the power of Heart Intelligence and Breathwork to clear emotional turmoil, connect to your heart and create an inspiring vision of a life you love in 2023.

More than ever, we need to connect to and follow our hearts calling.

These challenging times are calling us to focus on what's important, strengthen our resilience and grow spiritually.

This is for you if you have a passion for living life fully and you're... 

  • Seeking inspiration and enthusiasm for 2023
  • Looking for deeper meaning and purpose in your life
  • Feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or lost and want better coping skills
  • Wanting to learn to breathe to boost your immune system
  • Longing to connect to your soul's purpose
  • Seeking to get clarity about your future direction
  • Like to be of service and make a bigger difference 
I'd love to show you how to be at your best and make the most of 2023. 

Click Here to find out more:  https://breathwork.com.au/2023bydesignbreathworkworkshop/

Passionately Alive - Emotional Healing Empowerment

Dates:  January 19-22, 2023

Experience deep, lasting and profound healing and heart opening.

Learn powerful ‘Emotional Intelligence skills’ to find clarity, be at your best, enrich your life and grow through life’s challenges.  

In just 3 1/2 days, you can learn simple yet life changing skills and practices that will bring more joy, ease and success into everything that you do.  

Passionately Alive can help you whether your search is for...

• Fulfilment: A desire to be at your best and enjoy life fully

• Relief from life’s pressures: stress, anxiety and frustrations 

• Greater self-love, self-confidence and inner peace

• Increased motivation: more energy and direction in life 

• Deep, fulfilling and connected, loving relationships 

• Vitality: healing, release of physical pain, enhanced health & aliveness  

Click Here to find out morehttps://breathwork.com.au/passionately-alive/

You Can Change Your Life Program - Online 

Begins 8th February 2023  

Attend a 10 week online ‘Tune Up Your Life’ small group coaching with Nicholas  
This course will help you take your whole life to new levels of happiness, fulfilment and clarity so you can enjoy life fully and be of service to making the world a better place.  

Each week you’ll be guided to identify and clear the blocks that have been stopping you from creating harmony and balance in the 8 major areas of your life: find happiness, boost health and vitality, increase wealth, increase self-worth, create genuine success, clarify your purpose on earth, strengthen your loving relationships and deepen your spiritual connection. 

Online Mentoring Program with Nicholas de Castella - Starts Wednesday 8:00pm February 8 

      To Find out more: Click Herehttps://thrivecoachacademy.thrivecart.com/yccyl-feb2023/


Use Thrive Breathwork to heal the past, open your heart and learn how to harness your heart's' intelligence to become the captain of your own destiny.

ALCHEMY: Conscious Creating
Create A Life You Love. Learn how to consciously create from your deepest heart’s desires.
1. Create a crystal-clear vision for your life
2. Cultivate heart states to manifest what you want
3. Wealth Creation: Clear blocks to receiving financial abundance
4. Align your mind, body and heart to achieve success
EMPOWERMENT: Inner Child Healing
Inner Child Healing: Regain personal empowerment
1. Clear stuck/struggle birth patterns
2. Individuate: End enmeshment/isolation
3. Release authority disapproval syndrome
4. Claim your authority: End mystified projections
5. Live Congruently. Get out of drama
MANHOOD & WOMANHOOD: Authentic Leadership
Find honor, self-love and acceptance to live authentically
1. Heal gender shame and understanding differences
2. Understand and embrace your masculine and feminine strengths.
3. Clarify your values and mission
4. Experience a powerful honoring rite of passage to adulthood

Interested? Send Nicholas an email at hello@breathwork.com.au

For more information checkout webpage https://breathwork.com.au/breathworktraining/

HEART TANTRA: Uniting Love, Sex & Awakening


Create loving and fulfilling Heart Centred Relationships

1. Find joy and freedom in intimacy

2. Heal past hurts and open your heart to love

3. Self-assertion: Set healthy boundaries. Reclaim your voice

4. Communication Skills: verbal and non-verbal

5. Connect heart to heart in love with Empathetic sharing

 HEART TANTRA: Uniting Love, Sex and Spirituality

1. Deepen relationships through sexual intimacy

2. Heal hurt and shame, and rediscover your beauty and innocence

3. Awaken your sensuality and ability to experience pleasure

4. Explore sexuality as a pathway to spiritual awakening


1. Awaken to the truth of who you are

2. Reconnect to your basic goodness

3. Transcend ego encapsulation

4. Connect to your timeless nature

5. Dialogue with divine guidance

6. Cultivate inspired living

Send Nicholas an email at hello@breathwork.com.au

For more information checkout webpage https://breathwork.com.au/breathworktraining/

Thrive Club– Heart Centered Living Monthly Membership - Just $17/month!

THRIVE CLUB is an ongoing community connection and personal growth forum. A space for you to experience heart felt sharing and authentic connections online and in person. Receive guidance and encouragement to live with more: Peace, Love, Generosity, Mystery, Courage, Grace, Trust, Wealth and Gratitude.

At THRIVE CLUB you will be nurtured and lovingly called to stretch and grow to the next level so you can become a more confident, loving and empowered leader to share your unique gifts and help create a more open-hearted world. Includes: Monthly Heart Centered Living Presentations, Clearing Breathwork sessions, Meditations, Inspiring Affirmations and Community Group connections.

*Also includes 50% Discount to Aspire group breathwork session and You Can Change your Life Program 

Click here to find out morehttp://bit.ly/thrive-club

ASPIRE - Group Breathwork Sessions

9-12pm Wednesdays: March 15, June 14, September 13 & November 1 

This is a great way to stay present and connected, clear and motivated to keep on moving forwards to creating a fabulous life.
These Breathwork sessions can assist you to....

• Grow into a more confident, authentic openhearted person
• Have new levels of peace, happiness and aliveness
• Turn stress and anxiety into passion for life
• Gain clarity, connection and direction
• Release what's holding you back to go to the next level of success
• Connect and be nurtured and supported by a loving community

At our beautiful retreat center in Sassafras Rainforest, Melbourne

Click here to join ASPIRE: 


2023 Men's LEAP Program 

Join us for our mens' 2023 Life Enhancement & Achievement Program to…
• Increased Enthusiasm for life 
• Less Stress, more aliveness: Learn to manage anxiety, anger and frustration 
• Clarity and motivation: Gain a clearer sense of direction and purpose in life 
• Self-confidence: Connect to and live your truth authentically
• Deeper Relationships: Open your heart and improve your communication skills 
• Freedom: Release the wild man, embrace your passion and power
• Self-love: Celebrate the positive aspects of masculinity 

Program 2023 Dates are: 6:30pm Mondays...
Heart Visioning 2023 & Steak Sandwich - February 6
Live On Your Edge: Mar 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, Aug 7, Sept 4, Oct 2, Nov 6
Celebration, Review & Lamb Shank Dinner & Hike - Friday & Saturday Dec 8&9

Where: Sassafras: Dandenong Ranges Rainforest, Melbourne 

Click Here to find out morehttps://breathwork.com.au/mensgroup/

Not sure where to start? 

Grab a free copy of my book: 

PASSIONATELY ALIVE: Keys to Emotional Mastery

Get the road map to master your emotions and take control of your life.

For Free Instant Download Click Here: http://eepurl.com/gpDmqL

Thank you for being part of our community.

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