Find Passion and Purpose, and Create an Inspiring and Compelling Vision for your Life!

A Breakthrough Breathwork Workshop to Follow Your Heart to Achieve Happiness and Success with Joy and Ease

Welcome to the Life By Design - Self-Paced program.

I'm looking forward to sharing the power of Heart Centered Breathwork to create an inspiring and compelling vision for your life. 

So you can find freedom and fulfilment doing what you love!

Experience the power of Breathwork to clear emotional turmoil, connect to your heart and create an inspiring vision of a life you love.

Kind Regards,


Nicholas de Castella
Director, Australian Breathwork College

Let's Grow Together

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We are going to explore how to use Breathwork in a fun, authentic and natural way to get clear, aligned and congruent so you can live a life that is a true expression of ‘YOU’.

I'll be sharing a scientifically validated way to access heart intelligence for healing, transformation and happiness.

You'll be getting into ‘heart flow’ to achieve success with more joy and ease.

1. Connect to the Peace and Wisdom in Your Heart
  • Learn a heart centered way to calm stress, anxiety, boost healing
  • Gain clarity, confidence and enthusiasm for life. 
  • Feel more present, peaceful, loving, connected and inspired.
2. Envision Your Heart's Calling
  • Connect to your hearts calling for passion and purpose 
  • Live a true, authentic and congruent life. The life you are meant to live. 
  • Position yourself to achieve more than you ever thought possible
3. Clear the Blocks that's Holding You Back
  • Experience the revolutionary ‘Core Clearing Breathwork’ and quickly and gently clear the blockages that have been holding you back.
  • Identify and release the real cause of anxiety, procrastination, self-sabotage and overwhelm and increase focus, determination and resilience.
  • Live from your heart's wisdom and flow forward in life with more joy and ease
4. Learn Heart Manifesting
  • Create the right 'Heart State' to attract what you desire into your life.
  • Manifest success by living with kindness, courage, generosity and gratitude.
  • Stay on track and keep moving forward in your life.
5. Create A Heart Based Action Plan
  • Gain clarity on what you need to do to ensure that you achieve your heart's desires and live a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Learn how to create healthy habits that will propel you automatically towards creating an awesome 2022 and a life you love


1st Session - Welcome and Heart Centering Meditation

2nd Session - Heart Aspiration Visioning

3rd Session - Core Clearing Breathwork Session

4th Session - 5 steps to finding your passion

5th Session - Heart Manifesting Breathwork


Here's How You Can use Breathwork to Work Deeply & Holistically, Generate A Great Income Stream and Create a Life You Love💖


Online Coaching Certification - IICT Approved👌

CEO/Founder of Australain Breathwork College
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The Program Format for coaches, healers and personal trainers to help clients achieve breakthroughs and a fabulous way to add another income stream to your business.

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The next Core Clearing Breathwork Training will be on the
13th September 2023...

Begin A New Career with Breathwork - Online

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You Can Change Your Life

10 Week Small Group Coaching Program 

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This is an online Life Tune Up Program that is designed to help you get clear and congruent and moving forward towards finding happiness and creating a life you love.
Transformation is facilitated using Core Clearing Breathwork. You will have the opportunity to identify and clear the subconscious emotional blocks that weight you down and hold you back and connect to your heart for guidance.
During the program  you get to review and tune up the 8 Key Areas of Your Life: Happiness, Health, Self-Love, Wealth, Genuine Success, Soul Purpose, Relationships and Spirituality.

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