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Celebration night at the end of the 2013 Breathwork Training

Yes we just finished another awesome Breathwork Training. It was such a blessing to witness the peace, love and aliveness in the participants life blossoming was quite amazing – we even had ALL participants keen to give a video rave review! (see below)

Listen to what the 2013 graduates have to say:

I received this email today from Rod Schofield in Adelaide:

Quite apart from the money and wealth aspect of Alchemy, is the learning that I received yesterday when completing a particular piece of homeplay that all of the participants have up until yesterday in my case (5 months later) have resisted. That is I resisted this piece for the entire training despite repeated and gentle encouragement from Nicholas. The excellence in the training overall is that way that the insights build up to a point where not being one’s self is far more uncomfortable than the 1/2 baked version of myself I put up with before the training. This one task has unlocked my ability to receive abundantly and is flowing on perfectly to my partner who has had similar resistance to receiving. This in turn has flowed back to me in the form of a further deepening of our relationship that we both had played a part in resisting.

The Are Five Modules In The Certificate IV Level Training:

  2. EMPOWERMENT (Inner child )

Here’s a mini review of each module:


Participants Comments: Rod Schofield: The best part was… achieving a steadily increasing bank balance and a system that enables this to continue. The biggest thing I got out of it is the realisation that I am the creator of my reality, and visibility of the patterns that in the past kept me playing small… plus the tools to work with these realisations and implement them practically in my life. Everyone needs to do this important work. Anne Hubbard: The best part was illuminating areas of my life that I was able to create what I wanted and areas that I was stuck. It provided a space to evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be with a path to get there.  The biggest thing I got out of it is how my money attitude is playing out in my life and allowing myself to receive more cash flow when I needed it. It involved being more proactive and asking for what I wanted. Jean Thomas: The best part was…playing the money game!  The biggest thing I got out of it is…learning about scarcity vs abundance paradigm and acknowledging my role in creating the environmental problems of the world. I continue to work on this as an award winning conservationists.  


(Freedom from childhood conditioning )

Participants Comments: 

Jodie Wirth: The best part was learning about enmeshment and relating it to my own situation. The biggest thing that I got out of it is that I have sacrificed my individuality and we abandon ourselves for acceptance of others: i.e.  Being a good girl and being invisible. Today we went to the Tree Tops in Belgrave. Awesome work by everyone. Felt exhilarating doing the Red Run and then the Black Run. Very proud of myself for achieving the Black Run (hardest and highest obstacle course) and doing it on my own. “I can do this” and “I can do this on my own” Pushing the boundaries and rules that I had set up for myself. Pushing myself without pressuring myself. Trust myself and trust the equipment. Celebrate my achievements. I felt a little shame when I was sharing my experience as I had achieved something for myself and I was saying it out aloud. It was like “look at me and what I have achieved” and being ashamed of it. My inner voice was telling me to “shut up”. I realised that in the past that until I’m 100% sure that I will get a positive response I will not speak up. In the past I’m used to being small and not used to being seen and keeping quiet in my achievements.

Rod Schofield: The best part was getting over a fear of heights that had everything to do with how I previously ran my life. The biggest thing I got out of it is allowing myself to have a heap more FUN in my life which is priceless.

Jean Thomas: The biggest thing I got out of it is…letting go of childhood resentments and identities that no longer serve me as an adult. 

Anne Hubbard: The best part was creating a new way to be in this world, letting go of the limiting emotion around my birth patterns. The biggest thing I got out of it was being present with what is helps me to move forward with ease.  


Jodie Wirth: The best part was dance like there is nobody watching. “Hear me Roar” The biggest thing I got out of it is to embrace my femininity and allow myself to flow with ease and grace. Learning to be gentle with myself, dance and connect with others.

Anne Hubbard: The best part was spending time with self-care and feminine nurturing which has not been a regular part of my life. The biggest thing I got out of it was the ability to connect with my feminine relationships in a softer and gentler way, particularly my Mum. 

Jean Thomas: The biggest thing I got out of it is…heart felt connections with other amazing women. Being validated, accepted and loved for being a woman just as I am.


Manhood Comments: Rod Schofield: The best part was embracing the magnificence of my masculinity. The biggest thing I got out of it is realising that I’m not alone in the challenges that I face as a man, and a nurturing ceremony that needs to be included in our culture to help boys transition beutifully into manhood.  


Participants Comments:

Jean Thomas:  The biggest thing I got out of the Loving Relationships module is..finding peace with my birth and learning to love myself more deeply. Learning about the masculine and feminine energies and how I can be more connected to those energies.

Rod Schofield: The best part was realising we’ve really only just begun to live in our relationship, and clearing out the shame that has stifled my willingness to receive the love that’s always been there. The biggest thing I got out of it is breaking out of some very old and entrenched patterns that have been eating away at our relationship to the point where were on the brink of separation. Our relationship is now more alive than it has been for nearly 30 years.

Anne Hubbard: The best part was connecting deeper within myself and see that I had so much more potential than I had ever given myself credit for. The biggest thing I got out of it was connecting to a deeper level in the relationship with my husband, feeling more open and sharing of my experience in every moment.   


Participants Comments:

Rod Schofield: The best part was clearing away more shame and taking part in some spiritual practices that I’d only ever dabbled in before. The biggest thing I got out of it is an understanding that my ego has been the thing that’s been in the way all of these years and gently easing my way into a powerful sense of who I really am.

Anne Hubbard: The best part was experiencing some deep connection to my spiritual self and opening up my mind to more possibilities and experiences.  The biggest thing I got out of it is we are not alone and we are all one, experiencing life together.

Jean Thomas: The biggest thing I got out of it is…witnessing the personality and ego from within. Letting go of shame was the radical breakthrough!


Rod Schofield: The best part was being led to who I am and then being supported in letting go and literally falling into myself. It doesn’t get any better than that! The biggest thing I got out of it is realising that it’s more painful not to stand in my truth.

Anne Hubbard: The best part of the Breathwork Training was sharing the experience with such kindred spirits who were willing to look at themselves and embrace new experiences to become more of who we are. The biggest thing I got out of it is to know that I am enough and I can share my gifts and talents with the world with more ease and grace. Thanks Nicholas for providing the space to grow and open our hearts!

Jean Thomas: I can also confidently say that I have developed fantastic skills that are absolutely essential to live a fully connected and prosperous life. I have gained much wisdom and emotional intelligence to fulfil my dreams and live a full and passionate life. 

About the Breathwork Training…

This is your opportunity to live your passion, inspire others, make a difference in the world and make great money as a Quantum Breathwork Practitioner. Breathwork is rapidly gaining recognition as a professional healing modality. We currently work in conjunction with a number of Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists (some of whom have completed the Training). Nicholas also was on the national committee that gained government accredited in Breathwork at Certificate III, IV and Diploma Levels. The Quantum Breathwork Training has been brought into alignment with the Australian Breathwork Association standards. The training is at two levels: Certificate III level and certificate IV level.


Breathwork Assistant – Certificate III Level*

Certificate III level qualifies you to work as an assistant in group breathwork sessions. You also gain access to the training material and resources to facilitate you own 1 day Core Clearing Events. The focus of the Certificate III level training is to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate a Breathwork Cycle (a breathe). This level is primarily concerned with your own transformational journey of healing and heart intelligent life-skills. Passionately Alive is the foundation. Participants are enabled to use the breath to take greater control of their lives by connecting head to heart, increasing self awareness, clearing emotional blockages (such as pain, anxiety, stress and depression), mastering their emotions and cultivating a positive attitude to life through practices such as acceptance, compassion, generosity, courage and kindness.

CORE CLEARING SEMINAR FACILITATOR TRAINING At completion of Certificate III level you are also able to attend the Core Clearing Facilitator Training so you can run your own small group Core Clearing days. You will receive access to all the information you require to conduct successful 1 day seminars complete with listing on our Core Clearing Website, integration with your auto-responder list, Payment system, the powerpoint presentation and Email templates.  

Certificate III Level Requirements:

  1. Attend, Refresh twice at the Passionately Alive Seminar: February 20 – 23 April 3 – 6 May 29 – June 1
  2. Attend 2 day Practitioner Training Following PA on Monday and Tuesday in either February, June
  3. Complete assignments from home.

Note: Certificate III level is a prerequisite for Certificate IV level

Breathwork Practitioner – Certificate IV Level*

Certificate IV level qualifies you to establish your own Breathwork practice doing 1 on 1 sessions. The training gives you the knowledge and skills to facilitate sessions and establish your own healing practice. Having established the foundational practices in Certificate III Level, students apply the principles to a wide range of aspects in their lives: emotional healing, inner child connection, gender healing, loving relationships, financial wealth, health and well-being, sacred sexuality, true spirituality. This level qualifies you to register with Australian Breathwork Association, gain professional indemnity insurance and earn a living as a Breathwork Practitioner.


  1. Complete 5 Life Transformation Modules,
  2. Complete 5 practitioner-training days (on Monday after each module).
  3. Complete assignments from home.

The 5 Life Transformation Modules in 2014 are:

  1. ALCHEMY: July 17 – 20
  2. INNER CHILD HEALING: August 14 – 17
  3. WOMANHOOD: September 11 – 14
  4. MANHOOD: October 2 – 5
  5. LOVING RELATIONSHIPS: October 16 – 19
  6. RADICAL BREAKTHROUGHS: November 13 – 16

  Practitioner Training Days Cert IV Level July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17 All modules run from 7.00pm Thursday to 5.00pm Sunday (Monday for Practitioner level)


Fees Include food and accommodation for all modules. All fees are GST exempt.

BREATHWORK Practitioner  Certificate III and IV level in Breathwork*

Full Fee: $15,770 

Early Bird Fee: $13,770 (Paid by January 23 – 4 weeks before Cert. III Level)  


$770 deposit plus 10 monthly instalments of $1,500 Please phone us on 03 9739 8889  if financial limitations are restricting your participation and we will see what we can work out.


Places are already filling. The training has booked out in the past.
Lodge a $770 deposit below (or full payment) as soon as possible to ensure your place.
We will then contact you to arrange for the balance of payment or to set up a payment plan.


Click this register now link to secure your place with a $770 deposit


Phone 03 9739 8889 and book on the phone

In closing… I am very much looking forward to experiencing the strength and depth of support, truth and love that will be present during the training… and no doubt long after!

If you wish to discuss your participation further please give us a call on 03 9739 8889.

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Nicholas and Susan de Castella  

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