Breathwork Practitioner Training

(Certificate III & IV level in Breathwork*)

Dear Life Enthusiast,

Are you a caring, empathetic person who likes to help other people?

Are you dedicated to your own personal and spiritual growth?

Would you like a fun and meaningful way to generate a great income?

Do you feel fulfilled when sharing and connecting heart to heart with others?

Would like to live from your heart and inspire the greatness in others?

If you answered YES to the questions above, and you would like to live your passion, inspire others, make a difference in the world and make great money while doing it, then I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely possible.

There has never been a better time to turn your passion into profit and create the lifestyle of your dreams!

Today, I live a truly blessed life: I’m the husband to a beautifulwife, father of two great kids, living in 7 acres of 

beautiful rainforest, doing what I love while helping to make the world a better place. 

There comes a time when you feel the undying urge to contribute to the well-being of others. So, if you are here because you would like to share your gifts, you are in the right place.

Since I began working full time in Breathwork in 1991, ‘spirit’ has continually lifted and guided me forward. I have now been working for over twenty years full-time as a Breathwork Practitioner and have travelled the globe three times paying my way ‘doing sessions’. I have always found that people turn up looking for a session at the right time and I have never been short of clients. As they say, “when the student is ready the teacher appears.”

And now, after 20 years of research and development and much deep reflection, we are very excited to birth a new level of evolution in personal development trainings: Breathwork Training.

Our Promise:

“You’ll become a great Breathwork Practitioner, learn about yourself and those around you, improve your relationships, and grow faster personally than you’d ever thought possible.”

Breathwork Training: The Career of Tomorrow

The Breathwork Training is ideal for those who aspire to help others and earn 5- and 6-figure incomes from the comfort of their home and on their own terms

In fact, breathwork training is the QUICKEST and BEST way to:

  • Leverage your expertise and increase your cash flow from the comfort of your home
  • Expand your reach and help more people lead happier, healthier lifestyles
  • Deepen your self-growth and move along faster on your road to a better you.
  • Build your business around your life…and NOT build your life around your business!

Never has there been a better time to become a certified breathwork practitioner and set those around you free to live authentically and passionately. This training is dedicated to ensuring your professional and personal success in every way possible.

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a form of personal transformation that utilizes conscious, connected breathing in an intentional way. Breathwork has the capacity to affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

Through the power of breath, old traumas, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions begin to release. This enables us to not only let go of what we have been holding on to but also transform and integrate the habitual and behavioral manifestations of these suppressions as well. Over time, as we learn to accept an open, healthy breath into our bodies we find we are able to live our lives more fully, enter into a state of peace and inner balance as well as feel a closer connection to our purpose and inner power.

You Will Be Trained To Transform People’s Lives In These Ways:

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased stress
  • A freeness of expression
  • A greater sense of inner connectedness
  • Feeling of confidence and personal empowerment.
  • Understanding & changing key decisions from the past
  • Clearing emotional blockages
  • Open the heart and living authentically
  • Calming the mind to find peace, happiness, and freedom
  • Resolving the feelings underlying the issues that cause problems in their lives
  • Breakthrough procrastination, frustration, anxiety and stress
  • Create deeper relationships
  • Increase health and wellbeing
  • Find inner peace
  • Harness the inner power to achieve goals with greater ease and flow.

Our Aim?

To use Breathwork to help people to find peace and happiness and freedom by resolving the FEELINGS underlying the issues that cause problems in their lives: help them breakthrough procrastination, frustration, anxiety and stress, deepen relationships, increase health and wellbeing, find inner peace, happiness and achieve their goals with greater ease and flow.

We believe that through breathwork, people will be inspired to remember and reconnect with their own inner healer. Breathwork is one of the most profound & effective healing arts. It helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy.

Hear from our students:

“Thank you Nicholas for nurturing me through this course and assisting me to release the shackles of the past, which I had allowed to inhibit my personal growth. Learning to set myself free and make conscious choices about myself is liberating experience I feel so grateful to have had. Breathwork is not just a course – it is a way of life!” – Ros Stewart.

“Six months ago I thought my life was falling apart. Then a friend suggested I try Breathwork. Thanks to this gentle and powerful healing process my life has never been better. I now let go of the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. I will always be grateful to you Nicholas and Susan.” – James Davis

And if that’s not enough to convince you…

Medical doctors agree:

“I have known and worked with Nicholas and Susan de Castella for over 10 years. Over 200 of my patients during this time have reported more energy; lessening of physical pain; increased understanding of their life situation; a range of skills that can be used in all sorts of situations to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression; improved mood; improved coping skills with life stressors; more passion in their lives, and hence, improved relationships; finding a network of genuine friends from whom they feel support.

Some of my patients attending Seminars have been particularly ill, either physically or mentally, and these patients, too, have been able to make great gains during a short time. I conclude by thoroughly recommending the range of Seminars facilitated by Nicholas & Susan de Castella. These are high quality events with the potential for changing people’s lives forever.”

 Dr Andrew Horwood G.P.

“As medical doctors you would want to benefit from their transforming work for yourself and of course your patients. I have found Nicholas and Susan to be heartfelt beings who practice what they preach and in doing so have that special quality of authentic and infectious teaching by example. Both are well experienced healing processes, which as a holistic practitioner for more than 25yrs. I know it as essential for my patients to access in order to regain wellness. Whether facilitated in individual sessions or in groups, patients will get help for the emotional and mental dimensions of their symptoms, which most GPs have no time to delve into; whether it is depression, chronic fatigue, asthma, degenerative illness of all kinds. Your patients will be thankful for Nicholas and Susan’s help.”

 Dr Margaret Ngu G.P.

“I have attended Passionately Alive, Manhood and Relationship. I have found them helpful and inspiring. I recommend my patients to attend. In fact I believe emotional and heart centred work is essential for personal growth and healing. I recommend these workshops to anyone with chronic disease, relationship problems, emotional crisis and those wanting to avoid these.”

Dr Peter Johnston G.P.

Become a Breathwork Practitioner:

Certified Breathwork Trainers help people harness their inner power and achieve even their wildest dreams like never before. They motivate, energize and inspire! No other program comes close to delivering the all-around amazing experience of breathwork training.

Breathwork training offers you an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications to establish a rich and rewarding career in Emotional Healing and Personal Empowerment – an area of healing that is rapidly gaining interest and recognition.

This may be the opportunity you have been looking for to gain greater skills in assisting others on the journey of heart opening and personal empowerment. My experience as a healer has been that this is a remarkably powerful healing modality that enables people to grow and make changes quickly and easily. I continue to experience feelings of deep satisfaction and joy in seeing the effects of this process on others.

Now, I couldn’t be more excited for this amazing opportunity to share the knowledge and skills I have developed after helping a growing community of healers create the career of their dreams and deepen their personal growth.

Your personal development:

Even if you don’t want to become a Breathwork Practitioner as a career, there are many people who attend the training purely for the sake of personal development and have had astounding results.

I believe that therapists can’t guide anyone further into heart opening than they have journeyed themselves. Furthermore, it is the quality of a healers’ presence or energy more than any knowledge that they may have that determines their healing potential. Thus a major focus of the training will be on the personal growth of each trainee.

The training will be conducted with a strong and loving group of people who are committed to both their own growth and to supporting that of others. The training offers an intense transformational process over a ten month period. It is the perfect opportunity for participants to enrich the quality of their lives, experience major shifts forward in their personal level of awareness, effectiveness and love.

See a Review of the Training Highlights over 14 years…

About the Breathwork Practitioner Training

This is your opportunity to live your passion, inspire others, make a difference in the world all while making a great income as a Quantum Breathwork Practitioner.

Breathwork is rapidly gaining recognition as a professional healing modality. I currently work in conjunction with a number of Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists (some of whom have completed the Training). I was also on a national committee establishing the government accredited Certificate III, IV and Diploma.

This training is an excellent adjunct to other healing modalities including: Life Coaches, Massage practitioners, Kinesiologists, Psychologists, Doctors, Chinese Medical Practitioners, and more.

We have designed the course so you can join the Australian Breathwork Association, get insurance and work as a Breathwork Practitioner. If you so desire you can apply to gain Certificates III & IV in Breathwork from the RTO: International Breathwork Trainings.


Breathwork Assistant – Certificate III level*

Certificate III level qualifies you to work as an assistant in group breathwork sessions. The focus of the training is to develop the knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate a Breathwork Cycle (a breathe).
This level is primarily concerned with your own transformational journey of healing and heart intelligent life-skills.
Passionately Alive is the foundation. Participants are enabled to use the breath to take greater control of their lives by connecting head to heart, increasing self-awareness, clearing emotional blockages (such as pain, anxiety, stress and depression), mastering their emotions and cultivating a positive attitude to life through practices such as acceptance, compassion, generosity, courage and kindness.


Certificate III Level Requirements:

  1. Attend Passionately Alive Seminar three times:
    February 23 – 26, April 20 – 23, June 22 – 25, October 26 -29, November 23 – 26
  2. Attend 2 day Practitioner Training
    Following PA on Monday and Tuesday either: February 24 & 25 or June 9 &10
  3. Complete assignments from home.

Note: Certificate III level is a prerequisite for Certificate IV level

Breathwork Practitioner – Certificate IV Level*

Certificate IV level qualifies you to establish your own Breathwork practice doing 1 on 1 sessions. The training gives you the knowledge and skills to facilitate sessions and establish your own healing practice.

Having established the foundational practices in Certificate III Level, students apply the principles to a wide range of aspects in their lives: emotional healing, inner child connection, gender healing, loving relationships, financial wealth, health and well-being, sacred sexuality, true spirituality.

This level qualifies you to register with Australian Breathwork Association, gain professional indemnity insurance and earn a living as a Breathwork Practitioner.


Certificate IV Level Requirements:

1. Complete Certificate III Level

2. Complete 5 Heart Centre Living Modules:

  • ALCHEMY – Creative Heart Centred Living
  • EMPOWERMENT – Claiming our place
  • OPEN HEART WOMAN – Women’s Honouring
  • OPEN HEART MAN – Men’s Honouring
  • POWER OF VULNERABILITY – Relationships

3. Complete 5 practitioner-training days (on Monday after each module).

July 20, August 17, September 14, October 26, November 16

4. Complete assignments from home.

Heart Centred Living Modules:

The core of the Breathwork Training is attendance at 5 Heart Opening 3 1/2 day residential Modules. The training is highly experiential and the transformation of the Trainee is a major focus, since it is the quality of our presence that is the major factor that creates the field for healing to happen in.

Each module builds on the one before so that this becomes an life transforming journey of ever deepening heart opening and reconnection to the innate goodness at the core of your being. Some people attend just the Heart Centred Living modules, solely for the our personal growth (Attendance at Passionately Alive is a prerequisite for attendance in Heart Centred Living Training Program.

Breathwork Practitioner trainees also attend a Practitioner Training day on the Monday following each module.

Module 1: ALCHEMY: Create Your Own Destiny

5 Steps to Take Charge of Your Life

1. Create a crystal clear vision for your life
2. Clear the blocks us from receiving goodness and cultivate Grace
3. Cultivate the heart states to manifest what you want
4. Practice Wealth Creation Principles
5. Align your mind, body and heart to achieve what you want

Heart Qualities Cultivated: Enthusiasm, Generosity, Gratitude, Mystery

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Breathwork. What is Healing?
  • Metaphysical Training: Manifesting Your Own Life
  • The Power of the Mind, Affirming Universe Exercise
  • Beyond Judgments, Comparisons and Expectations
  • The Creation of Pain and Suffering Struggle, Joy and Ease
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Healing Shame & Emotional Release Processing
  • Breathing Skills – Healing through the Breath
  • Setting goals from your heart
  • Heart Manifesting
  • Effortless Flow: Achieving with ease and grace

“The best part was… achieving a steadily increasing bank balance and a system that enables this to continue. The biggest thing I got out of it is the realisation that I am the creator of my reality, and visibility of the patterns that in the past kept me playing small… plus the tools to work with these realisations and implement them practically in my life. Everyone needs to do this important work.” – Rod Schofield

“The best part was illuminating areas of my life that I was able to create what I wanted and areas that I was stuck. It provided a space to evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be with a path to get there. The biggest thing I got out of it is how my money attitude is playing out in my life and allowing myself to receive more cash flow when I needed it. It involved being more proactive and asking for what I wanted.” – Anne Hubbard

“The best part was…playing the money game! The biggest thing I got out of it is…learning about scarcity vs abundance paradigm and acknowledging my role in creating the environmental problems of the world. I continue to work on this as an award winning conservationists.” – Jean Thomas


(Freedom from childhood conditioning )

Program: 5 Steps to Become Empowered

Freedom from childhood conditioning
1. Clear stuck/struggle birth patterns
2. Individuate: End Enmeshment/Isolation
3. Release Authority Disapproval Syndrome
4. Claim your own authority: Ending mystified parental projection
5. Live Congruently. Get out of Drama

Heart Qualities Cultivated: Peace, Acceptance, Gentleness, Compassion, Innocence

Topics covered include:

  • Conception, Womb & Birth Effects on Personality
  • Birth Exercise
  • Order of Emotions – a Map for Healing
  • Understanding the Grieving Process
  • Breathwork Skills
  • Primal Myths and Eternal Laws
  • Inner Child Healing techniques
  • Needs and Developmental Stages
  • Self Image and Self Esteem Building
  • Personality and Family Roles
  • Emotional Mastery – Feeling Healing
  • Parental Disapproval Syndrome
  • Expressing Anger Creatively – Claiming your Power
  • Addictions
  • Boundaries
  • Forgiveness Healing Guilt, Resentment and Shame
  • Healing Power of Truth
  • Making Breakthroughs – Mastery over fear
  • The Anatomy of Fear
  • Birth and Fear
  • Fear and Attack
  • High Ropes Course

“The best part was getting over a fear of heights that had everything to do with how I previously ran my life. The biggest thing I got out of it is allowing myself to have a heap more FUN in my life which is priceless.” – Rod Schofield

“The biggest thing I got out of it is…letting go of childhood resentments and identities that no longer serve me as an adult.” – Jean Thomas

“The best part was creating a new way to be in this world, letting go of the limiting emotion around my birth patterns. The biggest thing I got out of it was being present with what is helps me to move forward with ease.” – Anne Hubbard


Program: 5 Steps to Living Courageously

Freedom from childhood conditioning
1. Healing gender shame and understanding gender differences
2. Embracing the masculine and feminine in each of us
3. Clarifying your values and mission
4. Rite of passage to adulthood
5. Find self Love and Acceptance

Heart Qualities Cultivated: Peace, Acceptance, Gentleness, Compassion

Topics covered include:

    • Mindfulness
    • Mind Generated Emotion
    • Healing it with Mother
    • Mothering Yourself
    • Embracing the Feminine
    • Forgiveness, Mercy & Nurturing
    • Family Dynamics
    • Healing it with Father
    • Embracing the Masculine
    • Fathering Yourself
    • Finding your Own Authority
    • Developing Inner Strength
    • Counselling Skills
    • Advanced Breathworks Skills

“The best part was dance like there is nobody watching. “Hear me Roar” The biggest thing I got out of it is to embrace my femininity and allow myself to flow with ease and grace. Learning to be gentle with myself, dance and connect with others.” – Jodie Wirth

“The best part was spending time with self-care and feminine nurturing which has not been a regular part of my life. The biggest thing I got out of it was the ability to connect with my feminine relationships in a softer and gentler way, particularly my Mum.” – Anne Hubbard

“The biggest thing I got out of it is…heart felt connections with other amazing women. Being validated, accepted and loved for being a woman just as I am.” – Jean Thomas

“The best part was embracing the magnificence of my masculinity. The biggest thing I got out of it is realising that I’m not alone in the challenges that I face as a man, and a nurturing ceremony that needs to be included in our culture to help boys transition beutifully into manhood.”  Rod Schofield

“I feel more connected to myself and others. Manhood helped me define what a man’s role in life is. What has changed for me is my marriage, relationships, I am a better father, a better friend my life is a lot happier and freer, after releasing a lot of built up sadness and anger.” Andrew Moore

“By participating in Manhood, I was given the skills to grow a greater understanding of myself and areas in my life that have been holding back my development and growth. It has given me the ability to move forward in my relationship with my partner, my family, friends and work associated. Manhood was worth every second.

What has changed and will continue to change is my relationship with my mother and the relationship with my wife and daughter. The manhood experience will also change the way I am seeing and relating to myself. This in essence will change the way I approach work and deal with others. Keep the excellent work up Nicholas and Susan”  Fred Ferrante

“It was a great experience to connect with a group of men with a common focus of facing our biggest challenges, pains and vulnerabilities and supporting each other to be free of all that and live from our empowered hearts.

I feel deeply better about myself and have gained a new appreciation of the value of having honest open hearted relationships with my male friends and looking for ways to nurture these relationships. Thanks Nicholas for your leadership, honesty, vulnerability, friendship and support.” Sol Ramana

I believe Manhood with Nicholas is a transformative experience that needs to be done by any man. I have come into my power and truth about myself and what it really means to be me and to be able to expose myself and been seen.” Keiran Glossop


Program: 5 Steps to Harness the Power of Vulnerability

Creating Heart Centred Relationships
1. Deepen relationship – being all that you are
2. Learn to speak up for yourself
3. Connect heart to heart: Empathetic sharing
4. Communication: verbal and non-verbal
5. Uniting Love and Sexuality

Heart Qualities Cultivated: Openness, Honesty, Honouring and Empathy

Topics covered include:

    • Warm Water Breathwork
    • Intimacy and Relationship Dynamics
    • Creating Loving Relationships
    • Reading Personality through the 5 Body Types
    • Healthy and Dysfunctional Communication Patterns
    • Co-dependency
    • Healing it with Siblings and Past Relationships
    • Prosperity and Abundance Programming
    • Giving and Receiving Pleasure
    • Prosperity Principles
    • Understanding the Money Game
    • Nurturing
    • Sacred Sexuality
    • ChannellingKundalini Energy
    • Tantric Exercises
    • Understanding Suppressed Incest Patterns
    • Creating your Own Brochure

“The biggest thing I got out of the Loving Relationships module is..finding peace with my birth and learning to love myself more deeply. Learning about the masculine and feminine energies and how I can be more connected to those energies.”  Jean Thomas

“The best part was realising we’ve really only just begun to live in our relationship, and clearing out the shame that has stifled my willingness to receive the love that’s always been there. The biggest thing I got out of it is breaking out of some very old and entrenched patterns that have been eating away at our relationship to the point where were on the brink of separation. Our relationship is now more alive than it has been for nearly 30 years.”  Rod Schofield

“The best part was connecting deeper within myself and see that I had so much more potential than I had ever given myself credit for. The biggest thing I got out of it was connecting to a deeper level in the relationship with my husband, feeling more open and sharing of my experience in every moment.”  Anne Hubbard


Program: 5 Steps to Awaken your Spiritual Dimension

Radical Breakthrough – Connecting to your essence
1. Awaken to your basic goodness
2. Transcend ego encapsulation
3. Connect to your timeless nature
4. Dialogue with divine guidance
5. Cultivate inspired living

Heart Qualities Cultivated: Mystery, Wisdom, Freedom, Grace and Love

Topics covered include:

  • Living with Enthusiasm and Joy
  • Healing Therapist Shame
  • Releasing Blocks to being a Healer
  • Spirituality: discovering the Mystery that is You
  • The Ego and the I am
  • Clearing the ‘Unconscious Death Urge’
  • The Charkras
  • Past Lives
  • Discovering Your Purpose & Service
  • Establishing Your Own Practice
  • Professionalism
  • Graduation and Celebration!


2015 Dates and Times
Certificate III level can be commenced at any time during the year  by enrolling in the Passionately Alive Seminar. Seminars run every 2 months (see calendar for dates)

Certificate IV Level Starts in July and runs through to November. It involves 5 modules, one per month.
All modules run from 7.00pm Thursday to 5.00pm Sunday (Monday for Practitioner level)

ALCHEMY  July 16 – 19
EMPOWERMENT (Inner child )  August 13 – 16
WOMANHOOD    September 10 – 13
MANHOOD  September 17 – 20
RADICAL BREAKTHROUGHS (Spirituality)  November 12 – 15


On completion of the Practitioner Training the trainee will be qualified to apply for Breathworker accreditation with the Australian Breathwork Association and gain professional Indemnity insurance from OAMPS Insurance Brokers (about $220/year).

* Government Certification

This is optional (you can practice without it) those who want Government certification can apply to International Breathwork Trainings (RTO). This can be done any time after finishing the Practitioner Training. Fees for Government Certification III & IV in Breathwork are currently about $1,500.


To participate in the training you need to have a personal commitment to your own healing process and a desire to help others. As the training will prepare you to practice healing you do not have to feel ready to be a therapist right now. You simply need to feel a desire to bring more love into the world. An important aspect of the training will be to expose and release blockages that may restrict your confidence as a healer.

I believe that healers are like bridges or conduits. The healer guides the client from where they are to as far as that particular healer can go. We need different kinds of healers with different experiences and backgrounds to draw on. People seem to be magically drawn to particular healers because that healer can help them to cross their next bridge. This is good news for the healer because it means that to be able to assist others it is not necessary to have ‘it all together’!


Heart Centred Living Program

and Breathwork Practitioner

Training Bookings

Your Invitation 

Come and join us for this Life Transforming  Journey where you get to build open hearted living into your life. (begins February 2015)

Be the person you want to be and Create a life you love:

  • Feel whole and alive in yourself
  • Claim your voice, live your truth
  • Create passionate loving relationship
  • Find your passion and live it
  • Create a life of ease and grace
  • Grow spiritually

Prosper from Your Passion: Create a Career and a Life!

1. You get to grow as a person
2. Earning good money: $1000/wk 10hrs
3. Work your own hours
4. Doing what you love
5. Making a difference in the world

Early Bird Bonuses 

Register before January 29th and receive these great bonuses:


Build you own Life Coaching Practice with confidence!
Receive with the Breathwork Training a Comprehensive Heart Centred Coaching Program, complete with:
• 10 Session Guidelines
• Practitioner Manual
• Personalised Client Handouts.


Start running your own 1 day events!


  • Power point presentation
  • Program for the Day
  • How to run a one day workshop
  • Handouts
  • Web listing
  • Email Campaign

Numbers are Limited
So that we can give the time and attention necessary for each participant to make quantum shifts in their life a maximum of 16 trainees are accepted at any time.

Places are already filling! We have 8 places taken, 8 left for 2015!

If you want to secure your place, please let us know as soon as possible.

Full Fee: $7,700

Early Bird Fee: $5,770


5 x $1150/month

*Note: If you have attended Passionately Alive you only need to refresh twice and assist and the fees paid may be deducted.


Full Fee: $10,770

Early Bird Fee: $9,770


Full Fee: $15,770

Early Bird Fee: $13,770 

(If paid by January 29 – 4 weeks before commencing Cert. III Level)


$770 deposit plus 10 monthly instalments of $1,500
Please phone us if financial limitations are restricting your participation and we will see what we can work out.
Places are already filling. The training has booked out in the past.


1. Click this register now link to secure your place with a $770 deposit

2. Phone 03 9739 8889 and Register on the phone




Breathwork Training Graduates

Click this register now link to secure your place:


“The most powerful transformational work I’ve done-and it opens up a satisfying occupational choice as well! I now experience so much more energy, peace and strength. Friends have noticed changes. Best decision I’ve made in years. Thanks Nicholas.” David Horwood

“The changes in my life after having done the Breathwork Training have been monumental.” – Ellen Henderson

“The dedicated group of people in this course provided a safe and loving space for me to learn to trust again, to open myself further into living my truth and to become more peaceful and free.” – Rene Robinson

Are YOU ready to take a quantum leap into a life of more happiness and success?

How much is it worth to you to finally live a more passionate and fulfilling life? To finally recognize your true calling?

The CLOCK IS TICKING and it’s not too late to create the transformation you need to reach new heights of passion and fulfillment in your career, relationship, and health.

In closing… 
We are very much looking forward to experiencing the strength and depth of support, truth and love that will be present during the training… and long after!

Wishing you peace, love and happiness.

Warm Regards,

Nicholas and Susan de Castella

If you wish to discuss your participation further please give us a call on 03 9739 8889.

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About Nicholas and Susan de Castella

We share a passion for living to the fullest. We facilitate Heart Intelligence Trainings and private Breathwork sessions. Our work encourages us to open our hearts and reclaim our authentic self. We see heart opening as a way of living that is naturally healing and empowering. We enjoy a conscious marriage in which we pro-activly explore ways of deepening our love and support of each other.
We are familiar with the challenges of maintaining a loving relationship amongst the pressures of modern life. We are married, have a four and a half year old son, ‘Charles’, and Alexander who is three years old.

About Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella is a world authority Heart based Emotional Intelligence and creator of Heart EQ which brings joy, health, love and fulfilment through emotional healing and empowerment. He is the founder of the Core Clearing Process and Passionately Alive Seminars. His work is part of a global renaissance: re-establishing the three crucial relationships, connecting head to heart, heart to heart and heart to environment for harmony and balance.

Nicholas de Castella, Director of the Institute of Heart Intelligence, has over 20 years’ experience in Emotional Intelligence Education and Breathwork Trainings. He has conducted workshops across Australia and around the world in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England. He is the author of ‘Keys To Emotional Mastery’, and has another book in the pipework outlining his seminal work on Heart Centred Living.

About Susan de Castella

Susan has began practising meditation and yoga for over 18 years. Today she shares her experience as a Quantum Breathworker, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. She has a successful practice consisting of private sessions, facilitates ‘Womehood’ Seminars and together with her husband Nicholas de Castella, conducting seminars including ‘Passionately Alive’, ‘Leela’ and ‘Quantum Breathwork’ Therapist Training. 

Susan has an innate ability to share her compassion, understanding and care to support her clients’ needs.