“I arrived a very sad and awkward girl and feel that I left with more faith in myself and in life.”

Emotional Intelligence Training, Melbourne, Australia.

Passionately Alive

Yes we just finished another awesome Passionately Alive. The peace, love and aliveness in the room was quite amazing – we had four couples present and even had 8 of the 17 participants volunteer to give a video rave review!

I received this email from Melissa this morning after the seminar:

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you (and Susan) for the most amazing experience!  I didn’t have the opportunity to thank you personally before I left yesterday (and I was only able to speak briefly with Susan – so I don’t feel that I fully conveyed the value I gained from my time with you).

I realise this is only the beginning of my journey but I feel so light, so at ease and so much more capable than I did before – I arrived a very sad and awkward girl and feel that I left with more faith in myself and in life.

I returned home late today feeling as though the world had a bit more colour it in and smiling all the way so I just wanted to communicate my gratitude whilst the experience was still fresh. I plan to keep growing in this wonderful new direction (onwards and upwards from now on!) ?  So thank you Nicholas and Susan – continue your good work (you are blessings to the world). Kind regards, Mellisa Gross.

Here is what other attendees had to say:

The biggest shift I experienced was to really treasure myself and learn how and why I am the way I am from my past experiences. More importantly I mastered the skill to release and let go of the past so I can move forward with my life unhindered by my past traumas. For that, I am truly grateful. It is like I have been awakened to the sound of my heart. I have learnt to listen to my heart.

My whole perspective on my life has changed and shifted. I feel lighter, more refreshed, happier, more relieved, allowing sadness to come through, as this needs to happen for my healing. Thank you Nicholas for finally opening my heart.

Aaron Ng, Melbourne.

Fred and Jenny

What a fantastic experience! To go through Passionately Alive allowed me to discover what has been holding me back in many areas and it has allowed me to face them and move forwards. It is a very touching experience and worth every minute of the program. It allows you to move forward in your life journey and to embrace what is put front of you. I am totally amazed at what it has done for me.

At PA I had a total attitude change to the way I am with myself. I am going to put myself first to honour myself, love myself and get in touch with myself and be better with others. Thank you for what you both have done to move my journey to another level.  

Fred Ferrante, Brisbane 

Rick and Caz

It is not really possible to explain how much I have gained. It was way beyond my expectations and exactly what I needed to move forward in my life. A life changing experience. It never ceases to amaze me how much wisdom and love Nicholas has to share. I am so grateful to have you as a teacher and master in my life.

Rick Freeth  , Sydney.

For me Passionately Alive was a gentle, insightful and loving process of understanding and processing my emotions. For the first time ever I have experienced a freedom from the emotions that have bound me and I have been enlightened as to why I have had those feelings trapped and suppressed. I am now able to live with an open heart, embrace my emotions and breathe into them instead of fighting them and pushing them down.

Caz Strong, Sydney.

Emily and Marc

From Passionately Alive I gained heart centredness, groundedness, increased clarity, relief, peace, happiness, clearing for my next step, self love, self awareness, improved relationships it’s great education. I have improved my relationship with myself and with my partner. It is a lifestyle change, a whole new exciting journey. 

Emily Mankey, Melbourne.

For me Passionately Alive was a gentle awakening of the reality of my own world and how I operate within it. I will now open up to my emotions and use the energy as a positive, rather than negative. I have learnt that something which has held me back up until now can now support me in getting what I want. Thank you.

Marc Rovere

Passionately Alive helped me to removed blocks and I found the reasons for my blocks and how to move forward in my life. It was a massive eye opener. I will be organized and be true to myself. I will breath in any mental or physical pain and fully experience and except it, smiling back at it.

Kurt Mc Enamey, Melbourne.

Attending Passionately Alive, being opened no matter where you are at, no matter what you are struggling with attend PA. I have shifted from being in pain due to holding onto my emotions, by feeling into my feelings and emotions I was able to release them and I found freedom, love and joy, needs to be experienced by all. I have changed!! 

Kieth Westblade


My eyes feel like they are wide open, my heart feels lighter, I feel more connected to others and filled with a deep, uncomplicated love for my family. Passionately Alive has been truly liberating and I look forward to exploring this further. My relationships with others, self perception, courage and self consciousness has changed.

Melissa Gross

I feel deeply connected to my heart and feel inspired to share my love and more solidified wisdom with my friends and family. I feel even more committed to follow the path of my heart. I have realized the importance of self-forgiveness and in letting go of shame. I will be practising daily the art of forgiveness, mercy and gentleness. Thank you once again for your wisdom, generosity, kindness and presence. You are an inspiration and a joy to know. Blessings, Sammy.

Sammy Kent, Sydney.

I experienced from Passionately Alive self love, courage, compassion, self realisation, friendship, community, love, growth change, freedom, changing unhealthy shame into healthy shame, and know a better way to life. I have found the God with in myself, I have found my heart and the power within it. I have learned to sit with emotions and experience them. In doing so I have found peace and realise I can practice daily to continue to find peace. Thank you Bless you! You have helped me in changing my life for a much higher vibration. I now welcome fear and all emotions.

Ben Hunter, Sydney.

A unique experience to facilitate expression of underlying feelings, guilt and confusion in making choice in my life for where to live, where to work, how to manage negative feed-back form friends and relatives, particularly, my daughters.

I can admire my own decisions and proceed with them to achieve a positive continuation with my work.

Jenny Garner, Red Cliffs.

At Passionately Alive I gained an awareness and understanding of my own heart energy. An awareness that I am okay.  I will open my heart to my wife and kids. I will open to be slayed by love. Just Do It!

Phil Haydon, Melbourne. 


NOTE: By the way – The Last 3  Passionately Alives and the next one is fully booked. The rest of the seminars for the year are booking fast. If would like to secure a place then pop over to http://www.eq.net.au/passionately-alive

Much love and blessings to you,

Nicholas de Castella

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