Australian Breathwork Passionately Alive

Passionately Alive is our foundational Emotional Intelligence Training where you can learn and practical skills to enhance your personal effectiveness, manage stress and anxiety, deepen relationships, gain clarity of direction in life, heal the past, get more in touch with yourself, gain motivation and energy for for making the most of your life.


  • Relief from life’s pressures: stress, anxiety and frustrations
  • Greater self love, self confidence and inner peace
  • Motivation, energy and direction in life
  • Fulfilling and connected loving relationships
  • Health, well-being and release of physical pain by resolving negative emotions
  • Living your life fully, being at your best, more successful and feeling more happy and contented

Professional Breathwork Practitioner Training

Certificate Level 1. – Core Clearing Breathwork Coach

Certificate Level 2. – Thrive Breathwork Practitioner

Core Clearing is a primary method we use for clearing emotional blockages; heart opening and accessing Heart Intelligence for guidance in our life. It is the foundational practice for Emotional Healing, Intuitive Development, Loving Relationships, Spiritual Growth and Heart Centred Living.

The Core Clearing Process dissolves tension, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, incomplete past experiences, eliminates pain, accelerates healing by boosting the immune system, brings you into the present moment so you feel more alive, gives rise to balance and clarity so you can think more clearly, be more in touch with your intuition, make better decisions, perform better, connect deeper with others, be more in sync with life so things tend to flow better, opens you up so you feel more peaceful and alive and connects you in your heart so you become more gentle, compassionate, kind, generous, appreciative, as well as creating the openness for patience, resilience and inspired living.

I invite you to join us on this life transforming journey. You can participate at either of two levels:

Personal Development Level: An in-depth life review and deep heart opening

The training is an opportunity for you to put the ghosts of the past to rest and to move ahead with more peace and love in your heart, gain the freedom to express your self fully and the skills to be more present, connected and in tune to create more of what you desire in your life.

Practitioner Level (Certificate in Thrive Breathwork)

Would you like to be of service to others, but need to make a living?
You can gain a Certificate in Breathwork to start (or add to) a very fulfilling career assisting people to have breakthroughs and Emotional Healing through Breathwork.

The Format

The Training is conducted in 3 modules. Each module looks at a major area of your life. Practitioner level includes skills development on the Monday following each module.

Themes include: personal belief systems, emotional mastery skills, inner child healing, reclaiming masculine/feminine honour, self confidence, creating loving relationships, enhancing prosperity, sacred sexuality and spirituality.

There are 3 Modules. They can be attended individually:

1. Passionately Alive

Heal the past with Breathwork and come into a deeper relationship with yourself. Learn life changing Emotional Intelligence skills to be at your best and live life fully.

2. Heart Empowerment 

Australian Breathwork College L2 Heart Empowerment
Australian Breathwork College L2 Heart Tantra

MEN’S GROUP: L.E.A.P. – Life Empowerment and Achievement Program

Men’s group is about being at our best, giving our best shot at our lives, living fully and constantly challenging ourselves to grow.

Its about getting clear about our goals and priorities and making sure that we live by them.

And It’s about developing and enjoying real male friendships.

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