What does it mean to be PASSIONATELY ALIVE?

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Passionately Alive September 2013

Yes we just finished another awesome Passionately Alive. The peace, love and aliveness in the room was quite amazing – we even had 6 of the 14 participants volunteer to give a video rave review!

Here is what people are saying:

Joanna Bourke and Karl Young

I came to Passionately Alive to unclear a blockage that’s been holding me back for the last 5 years. I have ‘tried’ to connect to my heart to ‘find the solution – on my own’ as to how to unblock it. At Passionately Alive, I leant to access my heart…. to release the blockages and to ‘feel’ my way out of it. Now, I feel so empowered!

In the process of clearing this 5 year blockage I have discovered that my father could really help me in doing what I need to do. I know that asking for his help will really transform our relationship. Thank you! Love and gratitude to you Nicholas, Susan and your boys…. For doing what you do.

Joanna Bourke, Melbourne. September 2013

Passionately Alive is truly life changing. The practices I learnt are incredible and priceless for living an amazing fulfilled life. I will look in my heart and feel life in a totally new way now. I will welcome positive people into my life. I will take time to accept myself and love myself. Thank you for the amazing experience and the incredible people I have connected with.

Karl Young, QLD. September 2013

Richard Alexander and Angela Tang

Passionately Alive opens your heart to a new way of life. I experienced my past I never thought it was an issue. I have leant we can all learn from our past and that our past isn’t our future. I understand why I was feeling like I was my relationship with my wife, Katie, will grow. I will listen to my heart.

Richard Alexander, Gippsland, Victoria. September 2013

It is such a fantastic weekend with beautiful people. Nicholas and Susan are amazing individuals, doing fantastic work for the hearts of others.
Passionately Alive is one of the most direct, practical, simple yet profound methods of connecting with yourself so you can move on with your life. I have no doubt now of my business and professional career development direction. I can now be more confident and sure of myself in social situations and can be safe in the knowledge that a lover is not the only source of happiness in my life.Thanks Nicholas and Susan de Castella, Lexie and Rod. Thanks to everyone who so beautifully and openly shared.

Angela Tang, Melbourne. September 2013

Sammy Kent and Cassandra Bailey

Passionately Alive is an essential investment if you want to live your life to the fullest, overcome your deepest darkness fears and traumas and work around with the boldest, most genuine smile on your face and unconditional love in your heart.

My whole inner being feels shifted into a deeper, more connected space of love and acceptance. I feel inspired and motivated to make positive changes in my life when I get home. Thank you!!! Keep moving mountains!! Love and Blessings to You!!

Sammy Kent, Qld. September 2013

Passionately Alive was so awesome I have decided to do the practitioner training so I can do this work myself! My wanting to help others for a long time is coming to fruition. My relationship with myself and my boys has deepened. Keep up the great work.

Cassandra Bailey, Melbourne. September 2013

Passionately Alive is life changing, passionate and heart opening experience. It challenged me in ways I would never imagine. It empowered me.  I learnt to love myself and move forward, not holding back. Nicholas was great, different, empowering, gentle, kind, lovable. Susan thanks for all your hard work in the background with everything. Thanks to the assistants, Lexie and Rod.

Sheridan Rayner, Melbourne. September 2013

Nicholas you are inspiring – high energy delivery with seamless flow – Love your Work.

Lexie Meyer, NSW. September 2013

Thank you very much Nicholas. It was a weekend full of opening into the fullness of life.

Rowena Whitham, Vic. September 2013

I’ve leant how to open my heart and cry out loud for the first time in my life. I can live life to the fullest from now on. I had a great time.

Kevin Netley, Melbourne. September 2013

Passionately Alive was so challenging for me to do. I came because I was looking for hope and I was struggling with resistance. This is an individual choice. I am glad I came. It helped me to connect with my truth. I know I have let go of a lot of anger and now wish to let life in. Susan and Nicholas’ approach with me was what I most needed in that moment in order to unlock my buried anger. Thank you.

Linda Reeves, Melbourne. September 2013

Attending Passionately Alive for 4th time, I am still making breakthroughs that blow me away and the more work I do the more whole and complete I feel. I am in a very peaceful loving place at present and I have enjoyed every aspect, especially the laughing meditation which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Shani Suttie, Melbourne. September 2013

At Passionately Alive I reclaimed the parts of me that I had given away in the past. The heart centring practices and experiences set me free from my past emotional pain. I now own my power to step out and be the voice for change.

Lorraine, Melbourne. September 2013

I feel alive. I have resolved some deep issues. I found this empowering and enlightening. I came to PA to work on the issue of repeating a pattern in my relationship and work on myself to build strength in myself to build my business – I left with so much more. Now I will change and my life will change. I will be an open-hearted person and I will speak my truth. I honour you Nicholas and Susan and your team for the blessed work you do I feel honoured and privileged to be part of this. Thank you

Tracee Kent, Country Victoria. September 2013

NOTE: By the way – The November Passionately Alive is fully booked and the next one after that is booking fast. If would like to find out more or secure a seat then pop over to https://breathwork.com.au/passionately-alive/

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