Are you having trouble creating a vision for your life? 

   If you are, it's probably because we’ve been battling in the trenches with 2 years..... of unrelenting lockdowns, vaccine mandates, supply 

   shortages, social isolation, and restrictions on attendance at births, funerals, weddings, parties and family gatherings! 

   So, how do you continue to be an uplifting, inspiring leader in our community?

   Even more importantly... How can we transform this crisis into growth?

   Understand this: Diamonds are created under pressure…

A New Hope for A New Humanity

   The global turmoil has brought home to us all that life is fragile, unpredictable and short.

   This is a nudge for us to wake up to what’s important. For us to realise what's missing in our life and incentive to live our lives more fully.

   For so long humanity has been disconnected and separate from the heart, from each other and from the world.

   We've exploited our own bodies, relationships and the global resources for short-term gains, ignoring the long-term effects. 

   This global crisis is actually the birthing pains of a new heart-centred humanity.

   A humanity of connection in which we feel a compassionate relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet.

   We can find the courage to live bravely and fully in our connectedness to ourselves and each other, from belonging in a community and

   through reconnection with the earth. 

Holistic Transformation with Breathwork

   These times call for emotionally sensitive and compassionate leaders to be able to help heal the collective trauma, discharge stress and

   anxiety, diffuse volatility and return us to a calm and connected state that trusts in the goodness of humanity and life. 

   More than ever we need robust life skills to empower us to live with courage, determination, grace and resilience. 

   Our breath is our spirit. We can use our breath to gain calm, confidence, clarity and connection. 

   When the outside world is in chaos, we can use our breath to connect to the present moment, heal emotional trauma and come home to

   our connection to the stillness and steadiness in our heart for renewal and spiritual growth. “To build our house on rock”. 

   We can find passion and purpose through the connection to our heart's wisdom.

This is the is the time to breathe new life into humanity.

   Our breath is a mirror for our life. For so long we’ve been holding our breath, trying to cope, stuck in struggle.

   We can direct our breath to energize and empower us to live life fully.

   When we connect and free our breath, we create more flow and ease in our life.

   Do you feel it’s time to take a deep breath in... and let go? Would you like to reconnect, to trust, surrender and flow more with life?

Join us for your heart awakening with Breathwork.

   Are you ready to wake up and step up, live life fully and make the most of your life?

   It’s time for humanity to wake up to the fact that we are fundamentally inter-connected to everything and everyone.

   So, what can we do? Firstly, we need to acknowledge that we are hurting and doing our best in these uncertain times.

   Then we need to accept: “This is who I am”.

   And finally learn the Breathwork and Emotional Intelligence skills to be equipped to transform our challenges into spiritual growth.

You are here on earth for a purpose.

  You are part of the unfolding of creation.

   You play your part in the evolution of consciousness when you stand up, show up and step up: When you connect to and follow your heart. 

Heart Visioning Workshop DESIGN DAY

A Self-paced workshop of clearing, connection and heart visioning to plant the seeds for an awesome year

Experience deep and holistic healing and empowerment with Breathwork.

This is a safe place for you to process your own trauma and to heal collective trauma.

  • Release stress, anxiety and grief; open your heart and renew your energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • Reconnect to the peace, love and happiness in your heart
  • Become a more powerful healing presence, a channel for love
  • Find strength, meaning and purpose through congruence and authenticity
  • Boost your immune system and accelerate healing!
  • Connect to your soul's guidance to live the life you are here to live.
  • Create an inspiring vision for 2024

Help make the world a more open hearted and loving place

Experience a sense of safety and stability from connecting in you heart and being present in a loving community.

Join us to gain the clarity, confidence and the courage to live your soul's purpose in 2024.

Now is the time to action!


Nicholas de Castella

Australian Breathwork College

Included in this program are...

1. The science of Heart Intelligence
     Learn about the of power of your heart's intelligence.

2. Heart Centring Breathwork Meditation
      Learn how to quickly and easily calm and centre yourself.

3. Heart Visioning Meditation
      Access your Heart's Guidance to plan an awesome life.

4. Core Clearing Breathwork Meditation
     Identify and clear the blocks to achieving your hearts' desires.

5. Heart Manifesting Meditation
     Create the heart state conducive to turning your dreams into reality.

6. The 5 C's to Finding Your Passion and Living it
     Discover the 5 steps to becoming a laser beam to success.

7. FOW STATE success principles
     Learn how to achieve more success with less effort.

Includes 4 Breathwork Meditations and a Heart Visioning Manual to complete. You'll be able to access this program for 12 months.