This meditation is designed to help you to centre yourself in your heart so you can live a more heart centred life.

The meditation is in three lengths. There is a 5 minute meditation for an every day top up, a 10 minute meditation for a slightly deeper experience and a 20 minute meditation if you wish to spend an extended period of time connecting with your heart.

By connecting with our heart we can learn to transform anxiety and frustration into excitement and ease, and experience the wealth of peace, freedom, happiness and love that is our true nature.

Current research is indicating that centring ourselves in our heart raises functioning at all levels. It enhances our health, performance at work, school and in sport. We also relate at our peak Our heart is also a great source of inner guidance.

In our hearts we feel our connection with all things. We experience the truth that we are one. By centring in our heart we not only experience a deep sense of inner connection with ourselves, we feel our connection with others and with all things.

When we live from our hearts we often spontaneously experience on a sense of ease and naturally flow with the rhythms of life. As we become more finely tuned to our feelings we develop trust in the perfection of life.

At the centre of our being is love and peace. When we live from this place we attract goodness and blessings into our life. We still experience challenges, but welcome them in as opportunities to open our hearts and return home to the truth of who we are. When we set our intentions from our heart, and let them go, we create a powerful force for creating a life with abundant love, friendships and a wealth of blessings.

There are five stages to this meditation

The first stage involves stopping and being in stillness. In this stage we let ourselves settle down and be still.

In the second stage we focus our attention on our breathing. Breathing freely, assists us to relax and allows the energy in our bodies to flow smoothly through.

Third stage involves turning our to what we are feeling in our bodies. The major emotions that we feel are sadness, joy, anger, fear and sometimes we might feel peaceful or even blank.

In the fourth stage we allow what ever our experience is to be fully present. As we feel our feelings we come into a place of balance and harmony in our bodies.

In the fifth stage, we turn our attention to focus on our hearts. As we focus on our heart our head and heart come into balance. Here we focus on our feeling of love and gratitude.

I hope you enjoy these meditations and always remember to practise with a light heart.


Nicholas de Castella

Heart Centring Breathwork Meditation by Nicholas de Castella

This meditation is designed to help you to centre yourself in your heart so you can live a more heart centred life. The meditation is in three lengths There is a 5, 10 & 20 minute versions available