Heart Centred Living Cards

You are going to love the cards set - they are quite beautiful and we are getting lovely feedback.

Plus, the e-book is an in-depth exploration of Heart Centred Living that people have been raving about. It is based on a series of presentations that I gave on the heart qualities.🙂

My vision is to create a global movement helping humanity to peace and harmony. To heal, open hearts, and reconnect head to heart, heart to heart and heart to planet so that all may flourish.

I plan to set up a global network of Heart Circles around the planet where people can come together to explore Heart Centred Living, connect, share, heal and grow - much like a book club but with a guiding text, the card set and meditations included.

These will be backed up with the online Heart Centred Living Platform with written, audio and visual presentations and meditations. These Heart Circles will be a great support to assist our Heart Centred Breathwork Coaches to help heal the world by building communities to help heart centred people heal and grow and enroll members into their programs.

They are result of 30 years of facilitating deep emotional healing and heart opening with heart centre Breathwork.

If you are resonating with what I am sharing here you can purchase a set for your self or your loved ones here...


heart centered living ebook

Inspiration on the Path to Happiness

  • 48 Beautiful Cards to inspire you to be at your best and enjoy your life fully.
  • These are simple reminders of how to live from love and cultivate a heart centred life.
  • Draw a card and access intuitive guidance from your heart.
  • Stay on track to living your life's purpose and grow spiritually to make the most of your life.
  • The perfect gift to give to yourself and those you care about to live whole heartedly.

Heart Centred Living Card Set

Live joyfully and thrive!

$59 only