A Time Of Death And Rebirth – Easter!

What an extraordinary time we are living in. The last two years have been like a science fiction movie. The Global turmoil has been a massive shake up for all of us.


The events in Ukraine have been both shocking and inspiring. Witnessing the courage of president Zelensky and the people of Ukraine who are willing to fight and die for the love of their country and for their sovereignty has been an amazing demonstration of the willingness to take a stand for truth and human rights. 


And the devastation and horror that we have witnessed is a salient reminder to all of us of the astounding cruelty that humans are capable of. For me trying to come to terms with this I’ve become aware that we are all presented with challenges in our lives - rarely as severe as this. But we are all faced with an endless flow of difficulties, problems and challenges in our everyday lives. We can run away and hide, but we cannot get away from the fact that this human earth life has its inherent difficulties and suffering. The question is how do we respond to our challenges? Our work is about equipping people with the skills and capacity to turn challenges into opportunities, to find the gifts to grow spiritually and to keep our heart’s open to the goodness and beauty in life.


We have presented to all of us and opportunity to reset our life objectives. So many things that we thought were stable have become uncertain. It seems like the basketball has been shaken out of the tree for many of us and we’ve had to dig inside to find out what we’re on about, and what life is on about.


This has been a painful time for me having our in-person community connections shutdown and having our community split between the Vaxed and non-vaxed. There is cause for hope as it seems that we are drawing this segregation to a close and opening to freedom once again.


I believe we are witnessing the birthing pains of a new humanity. Now is the time for us to awaken to the truth that we are one. Breathwork is the perfect modality to facilitate the healing of the split between head and heart, the opening of our heart to peace, love and courage. And for us to come back into relationship with our self, our community, and the earth.


The global turmoil, uncertainty and shutdown has prompted us to create a Breathwork training online which is now being delivered around the world. People are loving the ease and simplicity of the training and gaining the confidence to start guiding others through Breathwork Session’s straight away. Our heart centred community is now reaching around the world.


Our next workshop is called Authentic Leadership. It’s what we need in the world now. Men and women healing, embracing and celebrating our masculine and feminine essence so we can be bold and courageous, heart centred leaders and agents of change. This is workshop is an amalgamation of our Manhood and Womanhood workshops. It will be a dance of Shiva and Shakti (the masculine and feminine principles).


The world will never be the same. Now, more than ever we need healthy emotional intelligence skills to be able to remain strong, buoyant, enthusiastic, compassionate, flexible, persistent and resilient.


Susan and I and now at a time in our lives when our purpose is to train Breathwork coaches to make the world a more loving place by help their clients heal, open their hearts and clear the blocks to living their soul’s purpose. We’d be delighted if your purpose is to step up and make a bigger difference in the world by becoming a Breathwork Coach.


This Easter you may like to consider: 

What life is calling to you to let go of, to let die, and what life is calling you to embrace to step up to? 


It takes courage to change but it’s the shortest route to finding happiness, fulfilment and living your life fully.

Wishing you peace, happiness and love, Nicholas