Welcome to 2022 BY Design Workshop - Online

10am-4:00pm Saturday & Sunday 22 & 23 January 2022

Hello and Welcome!

We have had a great response to the workshop and I am really excited to be sharing journey with you.


2022 BY DESIGN - Heart Visioning Program (approximate times)

We will have a morning session and an afternoon session
with the same log-in details - see below


  • 10.00 - Welcome To Heart Power
  • 10.30 - Heart Intelligence & Heart Centring
  • 11.30 -  Heart Aspirations / Visioning
  • Lunch 12.45 
  • 1.45 - Core Clearing Breathwork
  • 2.30 - Tea Break
  • 3.00 - Treasure Map – Poster


  • 10:00 - Heart Centred Living Principles
  • 10:30 - Heart Centred Breathwork Session
  • Lunch 12.45 
  • 1.45 -  Healthy Habits for 2022
  • 2.30 -  Heart Manifesting
  • 3.30 - Blessing and closing


Things You Need:

In Person Attendees

  • Notebook and pens
  • Some old magazines you can cut up
  • A3 size piece of paper
  • Sissors and glue
  • Lunch

Online Attendees

  • Computer with internet access OR a phone 
  • Printed out manual (See Below For Download Link)
  • Notebook and pens
  • Some old magazines you can cut up
  • A3 size piece of paper
  • Sissors and glue

Online Attendees... Here's a thought... Organise a Year By Design Party
We have some folk organising a little home Design Day Party:
You are welcome to invite your friends around your house to attend the workshop together.

We are going to use Zoom Meetings - which means you can login on your computer and / or attend by phone.
And you can ask questions and make comments as we go - if you would like to (optional).

Click here to register your friends to attend online for just $3

Download the Manual / Workbook here!
PC Users: Right Click on link and 'Save as...'
Mac Users: Press 'Option' Key and Click on Link



Thank you for joining us.

Contact us if you have any questions at info@eq.net.au

Should you have difficulties logging in, you can phone Susan on: 0405 015 048

Love and Blessings,

Nicholas and Susan

What Is Your Deepest Heart's Desire For 2022?

  • HAPPINESS: finding peace, contentment and gratitude
  • FULFILMENT: Begin an exciting new career path
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • VITALITY: Get fit, attend regular Yoga classes, eat healthy...
  • LOVE: More fun times with loved ones: family and friends
  • ADVENTURE: Exploring new places, an adventure of a lifetime
  • WEALTH: increase income, begin saving, create financial freedom
  • GROWTH: Making time for meditation and spiritual growth
  • YOUR PASSION: ……………………………………………..?

About Nicholas de Castella

Originally trained as an Architect, Nicholas has 30+ years experience as a Breathwork practitioner and trainer. He specialises in teaching Emotional and Heart Intelligence Seminars throughout Australia, in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England.

In his youth Nicholas represented Australia 4 times in International Athletic World Championships and ran 2hrs. 15 min. for the marathon.

In 1998 suffering from chronic fatigue he looked within for answers and transformed his life!

In 1991 he left his profession as an Architect to assist others on their life journey.

Nicholas is the author of ‘Keys To Emotional Mastery’, Founding President of the Australian Breathwork Foundation, Director of the Institute of Heart Intelligence and a Breathwork Practitioner Trainer. Nicholas was on a committee which gained government certification for Breathwork Trainings at Certificate III, IV and Diploma levels.

Nicholas is a dynamic, warm and insightful presenter. He conducts private sessions, Passionately Alive Seminars, Relationship Seminars and Breathwork Practitioner Trainings. 

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