Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Training

THRIVE CLUB DETAILS An exciting opportunity for you to… Open your heart and live in love, inner peace and happiness Feel more gratitude for the beauty and wonder of life Stay present and connected to your heart and your mission Keep on growing and blossoming into the radiant being who you are Gain confidence to keep moving forward and living life fully Experience regular Breathwork and Core Clearing sessions Keep letting go of past and opening to more joy and freedom Enjoy our loving, heart connected community Make friendships stay connected to our heart centred community THRIVE CLUB MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES… Heart Centred Living Program: Monthly Online Coaching with Nicholas Each month we explore a different heart quality such as: Peace, Love, Gratitude, Generosity, Mystery, Courage, Grace, Trust, Wealth…

1. Monthly Heart Centred Living Presentations

2. Monthly Core Clearing Breathwork sessions

3. Monthly Heart Centred Living Meditations

4. Weekly Inspiring Heart Centred Living Affirmations

5. Thrive Club: Heart Centred Living Community Group PLUS! THRIVE CLUB now includes ASPIRE (in person) and YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE (online)! With your Thrive Club membership we are now offering you regular community connect online Core Clearing and in-person ASPIRE Breathwork Sessions (see below). 2021 ASPIRE DETAILS Enjoy: heart sharing, Breathwork, dance and community connecting… Times: 9.00am till 12.30pm at our Hazeldell Retreat Centre in Melbourne Dates: Friday May 7th, Wednesday: June 9th, September 8th, December 8th Your Investment for the year: $497 If you would like to attend ASPIRE: Click Here

YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Worth $497) – Attend a 10 week online ‘Tune Up Your Life’ small group coaching with Nicholas This course will help you take your whole life to new levels of happiness, fulfilment and clarity so you can enjoy life fully and be of service to making the world a better place. Each week you’ll be guided to identify and clear the blocks that have been stopping you from creating harmony and balance in the 8 major areas of your life: find happiness, boost health and vitality, increase wealth, increase self-worth, create genuine success, clarify your purpose on earth, strengthen your loving relationships and deepen your spiritual connection. Your investment your happiness: Only $59/month Click this link to join the Thrive Club…

This THRIVE CLUB is open to the general public, so feel free to invite your friends!

Course Curriculum