A quantum shift to a new freedom! Passionately Alive February
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13 people enjoyed more open heart and the sense of freedom that comes with it and the confidence of being able to live at a higher level: with Emotional Intelligence.
Please read what they had to say:

Passionately Alive has changed my life like a quantum shift to a new freedom. I feel clearer and have a sense of ease in my life that has never there before. Being able to centre my head in the present moment has brought a sense of peace and calm that I haven’t been able to achieve before.I now have my ‘voice’. It has been cleared and will continue to clear. I physically feel like a weight has been lifted from my body.

I highly recommend anyone to experience PA and know that they too will experience a quantum shift in their life and have a more peaceful, calm and happy life coming away with strategies to continue and embrace their new life.

Thank you Nicholas and Susan for your gift to me. It is the gift of life. My dearest wish is to help in the process of sharing your gift and gentle genuine with all this, we can to make a difference in peoples’ lives and for our planet.
Jenny Ryan. 

For the first time in my life I felt completely lost with no passion for life. I had a sense of hopelessness and disinterest in living, which translated into both depression and anxiety.

Three days later: I am excited about the energy that has returned to my body and the pain that has been released. I feel different and will spend much more time in the present and leave the future to reveal itself. I have skills to invite emotion into my life and not avoid it, but process and release instead.

Nicholas you are a visionary with extraordinary skills and talent. I am honoured to spend time with you and experience your gift transforming my life.
Rick Freeth. 

I came to PA not knowing what to expect but feeling sad, lost and bewildered all the time. I know I needed to do something – I’d hit my rock bottom.

PA has helped me get back in touch with my emotions. I am learning to feel again to accept myself, as I am to continue to nurture myself. I loved every aspect, especially the food. Thank you.
Carla Haydon. 

Passionately Alive is an experience that everyone would benefit from. Having the ability and skills and techniques given to you to be present in your heart and use Breathwork techniques to help work through blockages and issues that have held us back in our lives has help me strengthen my relationship with my partner and daughter. It has also helped me move forward with issues that I wasn’t aware that I had or had buried down deep inside me.

My focus on where I am heading with my life, the seminar has been given greater clarity in my relationship with myself and my partner have both become much stronger and I now have the tools to maintain that gift. Keep up the good work it is priceless. Thank you Nicholas.
Fred Ferrante. 

Passionately Alive is a great way to come back to what is real and true in our lives: the qualities of the heart that are with us all the time – love, peace etc. PA guides us to understand and experience the ways our minds can trap us in pain and how to free ourselves from the baggage. It incorporates breathwork which allows us to get in touch with our feelings and emotions and to relax unwanted negative emotions, leaving us free to love and experience a true appreciation for the miracle of life.

I feel more at peace to appreciate my life and the people in it, I am also more at peace with my kid’s lack of communication with me and able to forgive them, practice trust and patience in our loving connection and be willing to lovingly express my feelings to them. 

Many thanks to Nicholas for all your passionate hearty energy of compassion and your insights to make this, such a meaningful workshop. Thanks also to Susan and the wonderful assistants.
Sol Rawana-Clarke. 

I was under horrible pain, which I thought was a kidney infection and during the weekend the pain went away and I also found myself thinking very clearly about my life. So I decided to become an agent for change and train myself in the practice of emotional intelligence. I felt so much love and it was really safe. 

Before I came here I was very anxious about what to do in a specific relationship I have after this weekend, stopped feeling anxious because I have discovered what I am really feeling and why. I discovered, that in order to have a happy life, I need to follow my calling and not worry about the logistics. Things will work out. I now have faith that I can do what it takes to be successful in this path I have chosen. I have renewed confidence and the tools to get where I want to be.
Marisol Lopez. 

PA is an essential, worthwhile workshop for anyone to find ease and peace, clarity, focus, absolute fulfilment and unconditional love for self and others. It is a fast track to living a heart centred life and fulfilling every desire imaginable.

I feel even more deeply connected to my heart than before. I have a lot more clarity and feel motivated and inspired to implement some ‘realistic’ and achievable changes into my life when I get home. Love what you do and how you do it. Thank you.
Sammy Kent. 

PA is being in touch with our feelings by heart centring practices which is essential for releasing feelings, as well as, it is essential for the heart and optimal cognitive function.

 I now have the skills to keep my heart open even when I am feeling hurt by others.
Jennifer Garner. 

In PA, I have gained crystal clear clarity about the truth of who I am. Everything has become brighter and more beautiful as a result of the work.

A big thank you …. I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of this.
Tracee Thompson.