Thank you for your interest in BREATHWORK TRAINING. You can attend at two levels:

1. A Life transforming personal journey of heart opening and empowerment

2. A Professional Breathwork Practitioner Training course.

This Training will not only prepare participants for working as a practitioner, it will also be a life changing transformative experience.

Become a healer: The training offers you an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications to establish a rich and rewarding career in Emotional Healing and Empowerment – an area of healing that is rapidly gaining interest and recognition.

This may be the opportunity you have been looking for to gain greater skills in assisting others on the journey of heart opening and personal empowerment. My experience as a healer has been that this is a remarkably powerful healing modality that enables people to grow and make changes quickly and easily. I continue to experience feelings of deep satisfaction and joy in seeing the effects of this process on others.

Since I began working with the breath ‘spirit’ has continually lifted and guided me forward. I have now been working for seven years full time as a Breathworker / Rebirther and have travelled the globe three times paying my way ‘doing sessions’. I always find that people turn up looking for a session at the right time and I have never been short of clients.

Your personal development: You may choose to attend the training purely for your personal development. I believe that therapists cannot guide anyone further into heart opening than they have journeyed themselves. Furthermore it is the quality of a healers’ presence or energy more than any knowledge that they may have that determines their healing potential. Thus a major focus of the training will be the growth of each trainee.

This training will be conducted with a strong and loving group of people who are committed to both their own growth and to supporting that of others. The training offers an intense transformational process over a six month period. Thus it is an opportunity for participants to enrich the quality of their lives, experience major shifts forward in their personal level of awareness, effectiveness and love.

The Course: An In-depth Life Review and Empowerment Journey. The couse includes the Training to become a Breathwork practitioner, Upon completion participants are qualified to practice as Breathworkers and are eligible to register with the Australian Breathwork Foundation

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