The Training

The Training: The training includes both experiential processing and theoretical understandings. It will be conducted in 5 long weekend modules over a five month period. Dates for the next Breathwork Training are to be advised.

Prerequisites To participate in the training you need to have a personal commitment to your own healing process and a desire to help others. As the training will prepare you to practice healing you do not have to feel ready to be a therapist right now. You simply need to feel a desire to bring more love into the world. An important aspect of the training will be to expose and release blockages that may restrict your confidence as a healer.

I believe that healers are like bridges or conduits. The healer guides the client from where they are to as far as that particular healer can go. We need different kinds of healers with different experiences and backgrounds to draw on. People seem to be magically drawn to particular healers because that healer can help them to cross their next bridge. This is good news for you as a healer because it means that to be able to assist others it is not necessary to have completely healed all areas of your life.

Accreditation: On completion of the training the trainee will be qualified to apply for accreditation with the Australian Breathwork Association.

On going support and development: We have regular meetings as part of our on going support and back up program for therapists. This takes the form of regular gatherings where we can pool resources and further our understanding of Breathwork and Emotional Process Work. We share about issues that have arisen in sessions, both examples of things that worked well and times where we were feeling a bit unsure. We also continue our own personal development with Breathwork and Emotional Process sessions with our fellow therapists.