Institute of Heart Intelligence

Based in Melbourne The Institute of Heart Intelligence promote and provide transformational training on both a personal and professional level to the general public as well as to Corporations. In terms of experience and expertise all staff have an in-depth knowledge of emotional Intelligence and are Professionally Trained Breathworkers who each have successful practices in Breathwork and emotional healing. All The Institute staff meet the accreditation standards of the Australian Breathwork College and Australian Breathwork Foundation.

The Institute of Heart Intelligence has worked with such clients as,

Monash University
Kerang Hospital
Swan Hill Hospital
Farm Management 500
The Whole Health Institute – Perth
Landcare Health Conference
Mallee Catchment Management Authority
Swan Hill Psychological Services
Transport Accident Commission
Kooloonong/Natya Landcare Group
Horsham Whole Health Clinic

Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella heads The Institute of Heart Intelligence. He is the President of the Australian Breathwork Foundation and a member of the Australian Institute of Transformational Technologies. He is the Author of “Keys to Emotional Mastery”, he is a certified Quantum Process Practitioner, trained in John Bradshaw’s, ‘Non-shaming’/Gestalt Therapy.

Nicholas holds a degree in architecture and uses his training to design courses to meet the needs of people today for the tasks of tomorrow.

He is a former marathon runner having represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships draws on his successful athletic career and on fourteen years experience in the field of Emotional Health to design and conduct Power of Presence Seminars.

Nicholas has a successful practice in Melbourne conducting private sessions, weekly group meetings. He is a presenter and lecturer in Emotional Mastery, is a Breathworks Trainer and has conducted Emotional Intelligence Trainings in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England.

Nicholas de Castella is highly regarded for his ability to offer a unique way for people to learn about their emotions and for his teaching, which consistently has a lasting impact on people.

Emotional Intelligence cannot be achieved by talking; it has to be felt for one to develop real understanding. Nicholas is highly regarded for his ability to teach people about their feelings. He is highly regarded for his wisdom and particularly empathetic and compassionate approach to helping people achieve Emotional Mastery.