For Nicholas de Castella:

1. Dr Jo Horwood 03 5381 1522

Horesham Wholistic Health Clinic

Dr Horwood has personally attended Passionately Alive Seminars and has referred over 100 clients to the seminars. He reports that the vast majority of the patients he has referred have found the seminar to be a life changing experience, giving them renewed energy, lifting their depression, anxiety and giving them skills for tackling what lies ahead.

2. Stephen McAnulty Psychologist 03 5033 1266

Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

Stephen has himself attended Passionately Alive Seminars and has referred clients. He has seen the positive effects the seminar has had on his clients. Stephen has found referring clients to the seminars to be an incredibly cost effective addition to their rehabilitation programs. It substantially increases the speed of their return to work, even those who prior to completing the seminar had been stuck in their disability.

3. Roger McQueen 03 5030 5214

President Kooloonong Natya Landcare Group

The feedback regarding a Key Note address by Nicholas. The Key Note address titled ” Less Stress &endash; More Success delved into an area that has not been addressed before. The emotive nature of the address has had a lasting effect on the audience and was a topic of public comment well after the event,

4. Matt McCarthy 03 5441 6176

Project Officer Farm Management 500

Passionately Alive seminars have been delivered to many Farm Management members for over two years. The seminars have brought a new perspective and Nicholas never fails to engage participants. We can strongly recommend the services.