E.Q. Attributes

The following are a list of attributes or qualities related to Emotional Intelligence*

Emotional Literacy: Knowing one’s internal states,preferences, resources and intuitions

• Awareness: Recognising one’s emotions

• Comprehension: The meaning of different emotions

• Understanding: The effects of different emotions

• Self assessment: Knowing one’s strengths and limits

• Self-confidence: A sense of one’s self worth and capabilities

Emotional Mastery: Managing one’s internal states,impulses and resources

• Self-control: Keeping emotions and impulses in check

• Self-Validation: Maintaining self love no matter which emotion is experienced

• Trustworthiness: Raising standards of honesty and integrity

• Conscientiousness: Taking responsibility forv actions

• Adaptability: Flexibility in handling change

• Innovation: Being comfortable with new ideas,approaches and information

Dynamics of Change: Emotional tendencies that guide or facilitate reaching goals

• Facilitating change: Initiating or managing change

• Achievement drive: Striving to meet a standard of excellence

• Commitment: Aligning with goals and aspirations in life

• Initiative: Readiness to act on opportunities

• Optimism: Persistence in pursuing goals despite setbacks

Interpersonal Relationships: Awareness of others feelings, needs and concerns

• Compassion: Practising appropriate care for others

• Communication: Listening and sending convincing messages

• Conflict management: Resolving disagreements

• Leadership: Inspiring and guiding others

• Building bonds: Nurturing close relationships

• Collaboration: Working toward shared goals

* Based on Emotional Intelligence attributes by Danial Goleman